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Category G01. Regulated
Idea Creation HAVAS LYNX Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
Production HAVAS LYNX Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Tom Richards Havas Lynx Group Chief Creative Officer
David Hunt Havas Lynx Group Chief Executive Officer
Phil Howells Havas Lynx Group Creative Director
Jamie Axford Havas Lynx Group Senior Creative

List the results

Reach: 1000+ HCPs over three days at congress. We reached 10% of the delegates that attended EADV 2018. Engagement: The lift experience took 6 minutes and drove dermatologists to find out more from the Sanofi representatives on the stand. 82% of those that experienced the lift went on to enquire about Dupixent from a representative. Impact: “A wonderful education piece”, “Better than Harry Potter World”, “Goosebumps – it gave me goosebumps” were just a few of the comments said by delegates. Achievement against business targets: The business target was to launch and drive awareness of Dupixent. Website visits increased by 72% after congress.

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including

Europe regulations state no direct link to products or treatments in unbranded communications. We worked in line with all European regulatory bodies and the client’s in-house legal and compliance teams.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them. Pharma audience types:

HCPs, dermatologists and influencers attending EADV congress 2018. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic immunological and inflammatory disease, which is currently being treated like any other skin disease. Dupixent is the first biologic to treat atopic dermatitis from within, leaving behind the endless cycle of topical creams.

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We produce the first ever 4D lift experience that took delegates under the surface of the skin, up to the patient burden and beyond.


Situation: Atopic Dermatitis is an immunological disease, the most severe and chronic type of eczema. Unfortunately for patients the go-to treatment options are topical creams. These come with their own problems and side-effects. Brief: We were asked to produce a stand-out experience at the EADV 2018 congress in Paris, to launch Sanofi Genzyme-Regeneron’s breakthrough biologic – Dupixent. The first biologic to treat the cause and not the symptom. Objective: The objective was to capture the attention of dermatologists with something that’s never been done before at congress and educate them about Dupixent’s unique MoA while challenging the current knowledge and assumptions of the underlying causes of the disease. We wanted dermatologists to start thinking differently about AD.

Describe the creative idea

For too long, ways to alleviate the unpredictable effects of atopic dermatitis have been focused on the skin. That’s not a satisfactory, long-term solution. This route dramatises how we need to take a fresh perspective and look at this condition in a new way – under the skin. We produced a 4D experiential lift that took dermatologists under the surface of the skin to experience Dupixent’s MoA, up through a pool to visualise patients’ burden before launching them into space. The lift was the centrepiece of the booth, it was styled like a wood panelled Manhattan apartment lift and included a bellhop who ushered delegates in. It was made up of seven 98” screens (one under their feet), sound design, temperature changes and aromas. Content was made up of three 6K films, two were CGI and one live action. We blended them together and created the illusion of changing levels.

Describe the strategy

EADV Paris was chosen as the perfect launchpad to target dermatologists as it’s dedicated to advancing patient care, education and research in the field of dermatology. It’s where dermatologists come together to share ideas and see the latest products.

Describe the execution

Implementation: We worked with Freemans, Sanofi Genzyme-Regeneron’s brand experience partners in the USA, Maker Films (London) for the patient burden film, Fusion Animation (London) for the MoA and Studio 6 (Manchester) for the CGI space film. Timeline: The concept was originally sold in at a pitch in February 2018 and took 6 months to coordinate and develop into the final piece. Placement: Sanofi Genzyme-Regeneron had a modest size booth at EADV which is the largest European congress for dermatologists, attended by 10,000+ specialists. Scale: The overall spend for this congress campaign was $1M.