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Category B01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Entrant INTEGER Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation INTEGER Milan, ITALY
Production INTEGER Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Nicola Lampugnani Integer Milan Chief Creative Officer
Gina Ridenti Integer Milan Chief Creative Officer
Hugo Gallardo Integer Milan Chief Creative Officer
Mirco Pagano Integer Milan Creative Director
Federica Facchini Integer Milan Art Director
Giulia Trimarchi Integer Milan Art Director
Andrea Pinca Integer Milan Copywriter
Luana Contu Integer Milan Junior Copywriter
Vaida Kentraite Integer Milan Account Manager
Barbara Trivella Integer Milan Head of Production
Fabio Bellifemine Integer Milan Producer
Bernardo Gamucci The FabLab Partner
Davide Andenna The FabLab Technology Engineer

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including

In Italy the pharmaceutical industry CAN NOT: • communicate directly to patients but only via associations; • carry out specific activities on a medicine; • advertise prescription medicines (only OTC allowed). The pharmaceutical industry CAN: advertise the company without making a reference to a specific product/therapeutic areas.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them. Pharma audience types:

Ector is more than just a teddy bear. For the first time, a concrete tool of prevention has joined the homes of Italian families in order to protect their little ones. Designed to grow up with children, Ector is a first step to make a smoke-free generation possible.


Often when a smoker lights up a cigarette, he/she does not pay attention to what surrounds him or her. This is probably one of the reasons why World Health Organization says that in Italy 52% of children – at the age of 2 - are regularly exposed to passive smoking. To tackle this issue, Roche – world’s largest biotech company – wanted to help the unprotected ones by drawing attention to the problem of smoking in our country and by providing a concrete tool of self-defence. If children understand how dangerous is smoking, they will have less chances of becoming smokers in the future.