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Category A02. AR
Idea Creation CHEIL GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Production CHEIL GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Production 2 LUX VON MORGEN Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 4 VR NERDS Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company XI-DESIGN Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Roland Rudolf Cheil Germany Chief Creative Officer
Miriam Preissinger Cheil Germany Creative Director
Olga Potempa Cheil Germany Senior Copy Writer
Hanna Weller Cheil Germany Junior Copy Writer
Rafael Cavalcanti Cheil Germany Art Director
Johannes Becker Cheil Germany Art Director
Joana Vinheiro Cheil Germany Art Director
Trang le Thu Cheil Germany Junior Art Director
Michael Fluhr Cheil Germany Senior Designer
Christoph Fischer Cheil Germany Technical Director
Sebastian Staats Cheil Germany Technical Director
Christiane Rörig Cheil Germany Developer
Elmar Grunenberg Cheil Germany Developer
Marco Heutink Cheil Germany UX Director
Rosana Pomba Cheil Germany Junior UX Designer
Cindy Steigerwald Cheil Germany Producer
Matthias Merget Cheil Germany Film + Edit
Joshua Ulitzsch Cheil Germany Film + Edit
Hong Seuk Lim Cheil Germany Account Management
Anna Mrass Cheil Germany Marketing Manager
Annika von Nordheim Cheil Germany Marketing Manager
Christiane Lobenstein Cheil Germany Strategy Director
Meike Heintz Cheil Germany 3D Design
Hyung-Min Cho Cheil Germany Motion Design
Deveroe Aurel Langston Reuter Cheil Germany Motion Design
Daniela Cordua Freelance Freelance


Samsung endorses Germany's key event of contemporary art – the Art Berlin. At this yearly event, artists and art enthusiasts from all over the world come together to enjoy the latest in contemporary art. How can a tech brand like Samsung make an impact?

Describe the creative idea

Street Art interferes with its environment and engages with the consumer. Through technology we amplified these principles and extend the conceptual ideas of artworks by adding an AR-layer. Thus, changing the visitor’s role from a passive consumer to an active participant.

Describe the strategy

We made art accessible to more people by taking it out from its usual environment. Visitors of our pop-up galleries, murals and monuments were invited to break free from their passive role and actively participate in our artworks instead. To do this, we developed an AR-app, which was the entrance to an immersive world. It allowed visitors to completely dive into and fully exploit the potential of the fusion of art and technology. To build this world, we brought together international artists with 3D-artists and turned the city into an interactive playground. We extended their artworks through AR and brought static art to life. This extension was only visible through our app. Our target group were the visitors of The Art Berlin, everybody who is interested in art and technology and the followers of our artists.

Describe the execution

Each artist designed his own gallery, mural or monument, which we extended through AR. Our app acted as the bridge between the analogue and digital world and let visitors explore art on a completely new level. Visitors could download the app or use pre-installed Samsung devices in the galleries. Integrated Samsung products worked as canvases. Through the app visitors could interact with the artworks and decide by themselves how they perceive them. Each artwork provides a different experience. On a mural, a sad girl is looking at her smartphone and was brought to life in AR, showing her as a happy social media queen. At the Brandenburger Tor it was possible to play with a 3D-character and catch candy with him. Beside the AR-world, the app gave in-depth background information, you could take photos of the AR-artwork and watch making-of videos.

List the results

Only one day after the pop-up galleries opening, our app was #6 of the Trending Apps in the Google Playstore. We were featured in a TV report of the channel Deutsche Welle, the media coverage reached from local to national and we even got the art press to talk about technology, and vise versa. During the whole campaign period, we reached over 158 million people and our content performed +500% better than the average Samsung social media content.