Product/ServiceTUNNEL AR
Category A02. AR
Idea Creation HEADRAFT Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement 2 MUSIKWIRTSCHAFT.DE Stuttgart, GERMANY
Production HEADRAFT Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company LE BERG Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 GERMAN WAHNSINN Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Julian Weiss headraft CEO
Fabian Fricke headraft CTO
Lars Timmermann leberg Director
Sebastian Raphael leberg Producer
Eliott Deshusses Freelance Production Design
Thalke Thyen Freelance Production Design
Philipp Feit German Wahnsinn Managing Partner
Paul Nasdalack headraft Lead Programmer
Markus Posselt headraft Additional Programming
Tobias Trebeljahr Freelance Concept Art
Julian Neagu headraft Asset Production
Martin Kögel headraft Additional Asset Production
Noel Winzen headraft Rigging & Animation
Jörg Kahlhöfer Freelance Design
Lena Fricke Freelance UX
The Greater Fool The Greater Fool Production Consultants


In the wake of their 30 year anniversary Germany’s most prominent hip-hop band was about to launch their new album when they approached us. The band had been at the forefront of technology in music for years, hence the brief to create something completely new on the music market, using cutting edge technology. Their initial idea was to produce a video in Virtual Reality. After we presented them an AR prototype, the advantages of AR in terms of audience reach and level of interactivity won them over. The goal was to disrupt the traditional music video market by shifting the focus away from the typical “fan as a spectator” role to engaging him actively in the video experience via elements of gamification and the ability to move around within the video.

Describe the creative idea

We wanted to transform the traditional music experience by combining the auditory with an interactive visual component. The result is an interactive music installation in augmented reality in which the user can become a part of the the song’s story. The song’s title “Tunnel” sparked the idea to build a virtual drillhead out of the artists’ heads to let the user dig their own tunnel. The user travels with it through different layers of a virtual world displayed onto his real world surroundings, letting him discover ever new spaces. By integrating experiences and successes of the band's almost 3 decades in the music business into a cutting edge AR app we combined the origins of the German hip-hop scene with the most recent developments in consumer technology.

Describe the strategy

In the wake of Apple’s AR kit release we introduced a new innovative use of the technology in the so far untargeted music market, opening a new market for AR applications. By offering an app, the strategy focused not only on distribution via traditional media channels such as facebook, instagram, youtube and TV but also via the app store with a direct apple featuring in Germany. The corresponding more traditional music video was then largely generated from in-app recordings. It only launched a day after app and song release to further increase reach, completing the multi-channel strategy. To create maximum attention and build up momentum for the launch the fans were teased with seemingly unrelated images and short clips. A contest selecting the best user generated videos with the app’s Destruction Mode feature was held a few days later to keep up fan engagement.

Describe the execution

The AR App for the German song “Tunnel” by the 4 person band Die Fantastischen Vier takes the user on a trip through one of their latest songs “Tunnel”, by letting him use an AR drillhead to dig a tunnel through different layers of an imaginary world. Apart from the music experience the app includes a feature in which the user can drill an AR drillhead into any place in their natural surroundings and record a video of that to share it on social media. The app is part of a larger campaign for the release of the band’s newest song that additionally includes a music video produced largely from in-app recordings. The campaign is widespread across communication channels: App Store featuring, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TV, and the band’s website. The project took roughly 4 months from brief to finish.

List the results

The app is available for Iphones with the campaign focussing exclusively on the German market. The app alone reached roughly 40 000 downloads, 200 000 product page views and over 6.5 million impressions on the app store within in the first two weeks after release. Users spend on average more than 5 minutes with the app, almost twice as long as the song’s duration.Total user play time over the first two weeks amounted to 132 days of constant 24 hour play. A third of the users took videos within the app, allowing them to share them on social media. Additionally, the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube resulted in about half a million video plays with a reach of over 1 million. The multi-channel approach did not only introduce a new medium of interaction to the band’s core audience (aged 35-50) but also took digital natives on board!