Short List
Category B05. Mobile Advertising
Media Placement ZENITH Paris, FRANCE
Production LA PAC Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company ICM Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Bruno Bertelli Publicis Global Chief Creative Officer
Elie Trotignon Publicis Executive Creative Director
Pierre Coulier Publicis Digital Creative Director
Delphine Bojago Publicis Artistic Director / Copywriter
Olivier Gamblin Publicis Artistic Director / Copywriter
Gaëlle Morvan Publicis Account Manager
Laurent Enet Publicis Account Manager
Julien Mahé Publicis Creative Technologist
Kirgan Somville Publicis Creative Technologist
Etienne Averseng Publicis Strategic Planning
Patricia Denis-Du-Péage Publicis Process Manager
Florent Villiers Prodigious TV Producer
James Lees LA PAC Director
Jackson Hunt LA PAC DOP
Jérôme Denis LA PAC Producer
Eric Lipchitz LA PAC Production Director
Betty Bertrand LA PAC Post-Production Director
Benjamin Bruel LA PAC Editing
Xavier Guennan Prodigious Post-Production Manager
Karine Friang Prodigious Post-Production Manager
Mika Arslanyan Prodigious Post-Production
Guillaume Schmitt Prodigious Post-Production
Régis Oyer Prodigious Post-Production
Sylysak Taidonekhong Prodigious Post-Production
Julien Laudicina Prodigious Post-Production
Olivier Guillou Prodigious Sound Producer
Boris Nicou Prodigious Sound Producer
Florentin Foucault Prodigious Mixer
David Cailleaux Prodigious Mixer


ICM is the organization that manage research and prevention on brain diseases. Their mission is both in preventing the disease and creating good conditions for people that are living with it making it a huge social challenge. The brief was to raise awareness in order to then collect as much donation as possible so ICM can work in the best conditions.

Describe the creative idea

#ShakeParkinsonsOff is a mobile film made to experience the reality of Parkinson’s. The film takes us through different steps of Tom's life. We live the key moments of his life and the different emotions that made him tremble. When he gets older, his tremor is no longer due to the emotions but to Parkinson's disease itself, and from that moment they don’t stop anymore. But to make the film an immersive experience, we integrated a simple hack of YouTube API. We tweaked the subtitle system of the YouTube player to synchronize the smartphone’s vibrating alert with the #ShakeParkinsonsOff film. The technology now recreates the tremors of Parkinson’s and fuels a unique emotionally powerful experience. Any time Tom’s hands tremble, the smartphone of the viewer vibrates, making his hands tremble too. And as the Parkinson’s disease touches Tom, the vibration becomes worse. The only way to stop it is… Donate

Describe the strategy

We discovered that people that donate are mostly people directly touched by Parkinson disease. In the light of this data we decided to search the most impactful way to put the general public as close as possible to Parkinson’s disease. The approach was then to make Parkinson symptom relevant to non-affected people by triggering emotions and sensations they relate to.

Describe the execution

Different stages in the campaign's launch: 1 – 6th of April: The prelaunch of the international PR. The purpose was to spread the campaign all over the world to touch the major medias. 2 – 9th of April: The launch of the French PR We invited journalists in a theatre to make them experience the campaign #ShakeParkinsonsOff We worked with Gaumont and a South Korean company to configure the seats of the new 4DX room. Those rooms use high-tech motion seats and special effects to simulate sensations. We focused on the tremors of the seats to synchronise them with our main character’s tremors. 3 – 11th of April: World Parkinson’s disease day The beginning of the French campaign: - On TV with the 60’’ and the 30’’ films - On digital/social with videos and banners - In theatres with the 60’’ film in the Gaumont/Pathé and CGR networks.

List the results

From 11th of April to end-May: TV (France): More than 5 millions contacts touched, on the 25-49 y.o target + Morning & Evening news on BFM TV Cinema (France): Projection of the campaign in 144 theatres (Gaumont/Pathé and CGR networks) Display (France): 10 millions of estimated impression Social (World): 228 millions of impression National & International PR 22 countries touched Demography: 18 to 34 y.o. (50% men, 50% women) Total of impressions: 243 millions Earned Media: 97% Donation increase (compare to April 2017): +1273% on April