Short List
Category B06. Retail
Idea Creation TBWA\BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Production TBWA\BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Jeroen Bostoen TBWA Creative Director
Thomas Driesen TBWA Copywriter
David Maertens TBWA Art Director
Geert Potargent TBWA Client Services Director
Virginie Hayet TBWA Account Director
Soraya Hellara TBWA Account Manager
Marc Wauters Studio Wauters Photographer
Elly Laureys TBWA Art Buyer
Yelle Vandenbruaene Freelancer Studio Artist

Cultural/Context information for the jury

McDonald’s has a clear strategy if it comes to recruiting new employees: “Hire on attitude, train on skills." It’s not about the experience on your resume, but all about the willingness to learn. In line with this philosophy we created the McMistakes. A series of posters at Belgian McDonald’s restaurants that call upon students for job openings. At first sight they look like typical McDonald’s product posters until you look more closely. They are all mistakes. French fries accidentally landed in a McFlurry cup, a Big Mac got squeezed into a box of fries and soft ice ended up in the legendary Big Mac box. By mixing up the iconic McDonald’s products and packaging, the posters visualize mistakes that are almost unthinkable to be made. The tagline reads “Students wanted. No experience needed.” The posters are spread throughout all McDonald’s restaurants looking for student workers.