2018 Print & Outdoor Craft


Product/ServiceAUDI CONNECT
Category A04. Photography
Entrant THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum thjnk AG Chief Creative Officer
Gerrit Zinke thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director Creation
Michael Ohanian thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director Creation
Andreas Wagner thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director Art
Roman Lukowski thjnk Hamburg GmbH Design Director
Michel Foertsch thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director Copy
Bronco Wewer thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Art
Henning Kortmann thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Junior Copy
Louise Hobe thjnk Hamburg GmbH Account Manager
Malte Bringsken thjnk AG Art Buying
Uwe Düttmann Freelance Photographer

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Audi connect offers a seamless smartphone connection, giving you the perfect connection to the online world, even when you are traveling in your car. The job was to communicate this fact using modern, smart visuals. Audi connect turns your car into a smartphone. Based on this idea we developed visuals which blurred the boundaries between smartphones and vehicles. Using reflexions in glass between the user and the car, we created the illusion that the vehicle is replacing the phone. For the motifs "Text, Talk, Listen." we chose to go away from the typical advertising photography style. And more into a editorial direction. This trend can be seen in recent Audi communication. For our motifs, we chose scenes and situations from every day life. The photography resembles this.