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Category A09. Creative Data Collection & Research
Media Placement HAVAS MEDIA Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Rik Boin Havas Media Programmatic Consultant
Artur de Vries Havas Lemz Creative Producer

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

There is much talk about data, big data and how to use it in a media campaign so the brand can benefit from it. This case is a clear demonstration that digital media can be made more personal and relevant. I using data the right way increases relevance for users making the advertising less intruding. When optimizing campaigns by serving adds only to those that actually matter, an increased ROI can be obtained. Apart from increased ROI’s brand perception benefits strongly when sending the right message on the right time towards the right people.


The aftersales market grew +11% in 2016 in the Netherlands, and most people prefer an independent garage for maintenance and government inspections. Official dealers where losing market share. Vehicle inspection is a procedure mandated by governments in many countries. The objective is to ensure that the vehicle conforms to national regulations. In the Netherlands, this is done yearly for all cars aged 5+ year. Out of the total annual periodic motor vehicle inspections for Peugeot and Citroen cars, only 19.5% was being handled by an official dealer, independent garages covered the rest. Moreover, a total of 75% Peugeot and Citroen owners are totally unknown in PSA-CRM databases, once the original owner sells to a buyer in the second-hand market, the brand loses track of that new oner. The client objective for 2017 was to grow the periodic vehicle inspections into a >21% market share (19,5% in 2016)

Describe the idea/data solution

Our main challenge when we received the brief was the fact that the client would lose track of Peugeot car owners once a Peugeot, Citroen or DS car was sold in a private deal not involving the dealer. This resulted in a stark fact: The owners of 75% of the PSA cars on Dutch roads where unknown to our client. So, our first obvious task was to localize these lost car owners. The only data we had to work with where license plates numbers and annual vehicle inspections expiration dates, this data is publicly available, it is Open Data, it became clear to us that we needed to target these unknown owners by using license plate numbers.

Describe the data driven strategy

The idea was to connect the license plate data-set along with the inspection expiration dates with data from multiple 3rd party data vendors, direct mail parties and offline door to door flyer distributors. We teamed up with a local partner, who would be a fundamental part of our intent to enrich the license-plate expiration date data sets. For this strategy to succeed we needed to nail two aspects of this campaign: 1. Only reach Citroen, Peugeot and DS owners to reduce waste and increase ROI. 2. Since the annual vehicle inspections are scattered all over the year, we had to reach the owner during a very specific time when the inspection message would be the most relevant to him (e.g. you are not triggered by a message when your next inspection expires in 6 months).

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output

We used two sets of Open Data to target the right car owners at the precise time of the inspection. : license plates numbers and expiration dates for vehicle inspection. We worked with a Data Base supplier in the Netherlands and asked them to cross our license plate numbers with their database third-party data base. We also asked them to find: email addresses, names, date of birth, physical addresses, zip-codes, type of device and phone numbers. Our hypothesis was that when combining these, we would find around 50% of unknown owners. Once the match had been made, we would be able to target them with ads in audiences on display channels (DBM) or social platforms. The campaign started on display and Facebook & Instagram. We created two audiences one with owners that had an expiration date in the coming 2-4 weeks and the other in 4-6 weeks.

List the data driven results

We managed to match 64% of the previously unknow car owners. This database was sorted on vehicle inspection expiration date and segmented on week level. Our €100.000,00 investment resulted in an uplift of +19.000 vehicle inspections in 2017. If we take into account that the average revenue of an inspection is € 116 and multiply this by 19.000, we can say that since the campaign started, we were able to increase our sales by € 2.204.000. Our ROI based on media-investment and vehicle inspection revenue reached 2104%. Besides the uplift in vehicle inspections, PSA managed to capture contact information from those 23.189 previously unknown car owners. In regards to the objective initially declared, we were happy to report a market share growth of 2.3%. That is more than what the brand had asked for: >1.5%.