Category A04. Consumer Durables
Idea Creation CHEIL GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Production TEMPOMEDIA Frankfurt, GERMANY
Production 2 ACHT FRANKFURT Frankfurt, GERMANY
Additional Company YESSIAN MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 A.R.T STUDIOS Frankfurt, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Roland Rudolf Cheil Germany Chief Creative Officer
Joern Welle Cheil Germany Executive Creative Director
Harald Linsenmeier Cheil Germany Freelance
Jens Orillo Cheil Germany Freelance
Alphons Conzen Cheil Germany Freelance
Arnab Biswas Cheil Germany Creative Director
Sabrina Lienig Cheil Germany Senior Art Director
Chris Druecks Cheil Germany Senior Copywriter
Moritz Gillrath Cheil Germany Senior Producer
Stefan Prilipp Cheil Germany Business Director
Jonas Niedling Cheil Germany Account Executive
Christiane Lobenstein Cheil Germany Senior Planning Director
Deveroe Reuter Cheil Germany Freelance
Ralf Schipper Tempomedia Founder
Christian Gilardoni Tempomedia Producer
Stuart McIntyre Tempomedia Director
Ross Giardana Tempomedia Cinematographer
Roman Muellegger Tempomedia 2nd DoP
Peer Arne Sveistrup Tempomedia Editor
Pana Argueta nhb Studios Berlin Colorist
Nadine Chodan Acht Frankfurt Producer
Axel Klostermann Acht Frankfurt VFX Supervisor
Ingmar Rehberg Yessian Music Producer
Max Fritz Yessian Music Sound Designer
Philipp Lenz A.R.T. Studios Audio Engineer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Set to the song and lyrics of the song “HURT” in the iconic cover version of Johnny Cash as well as original soundbites from press and TV, we tell the story of Mario Götze, the famous scorer of Germany’s winning 2014 World Cup goal – and how his hopes where brutally smashed of being part of 2018 national football team due to an injury and a low performance. But feeling encouraged by people across all of Germany, and by reminding himself of his greatest achievement, Mario shares two important messages with his former teammates and with his fans: that he wishes them all the best for the World Cup, and that he will “will find a way” – working harder than ever for a comeback. Because while you can’t always win, you should always keep trying.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Since his winning goal in the 2014 Football World Cup Football, Mario Götze is a German icon. And with the upcoming World Cup in Russia being only a month away, fans all over the country rooted for Mario to re-join the national team even after a rocky season. But ultimately he wasn’t selected by Team Germany's head coach Jogi Löw. Just two weeks later, the spot went on air, incorporating original footage and sound bites from the press conference where Coach Löw announced the dropping of Mario Götze from the team. The spot and its message along with the song had such an emotional impact, that national television adopted “HURT” in the closing of its live show from Russia – only minutes after the German team had been terminated from the World Cup by South Korea.