Gold Eurobest
Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Production ANORAK Berlin, GERMANY
Production 2 NHB Berlin, GERMANY
Production 3 SUPREME MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 4 STUDIO FUNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Wolfsburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz & Partner CCO
Tobias Ahrens Grabarz & Partner Group CD
Matthias Preuss Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Jakob Eckstein Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Christian Jakimowitsch - Art Director
Paul v. Mühlendahl - Copywriter
Marian Götz - Copywriter
Angela Jäger Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Jan Isterling Grabarz & Partner Group Head Account Management
Oliver Waldmann Grabarz & Partner Strategy
Judith Uhrlau, Anka Gerbes Grabarz & Partner Agency Producer
Jochen Sengpiehl Volkswagen AG Head of Marketing Volkswagen PKW
Jutta Friese Volkswagen AG Head of international Advertising
Veronika Ziegaus Volkswagen AG Head of Film Content & Campaign Coordination
Tim Walther Volkswagen AG Film Content & Campaign Coordination
ANORAK Film GmbH ANORAK Film GmbH Film Production
Sebastian Strasser ANORAK Film GmbH Director
Christiane Dressler ANORAK Film GmbH Executive Producer
Yan Schoenefeld ANORAK Film GmbH Producer
Jeremy Rouse ANORAK Film GmbH DOP
Friedrich Ploch ANORAK Film GmbH Production Designer
nhb studios nhb studios Post Production
Oliver Studt nhb studios Producer
Filip Lange, Stephan Tietz, Christopher Kasten nhb studios VFX
Benjamin Jürgens, Wolfgang Emmrich, Florian Linner nhb studios Animation
Julien von Schultzendorff (NHB), Adam Scott, The Mill nhb studios, The Mill Grading
Yvonne Stroemer (NHB), Paul Hardcastle/Trim Editing nhb studios, Trim Editing Editor
Studio Funk Studio Funk Sound Studio
Christof Weische Studio Funk sound engineer
Cam Ballantyne / Beatworms Beatworms Sound Design

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The TVC shows different children who long for their dream car. Whether in a garage, a shop window or on the street. This goes so far that one little boy, following his dream car, walks absent-mindedly into the street, directly in front of our hero car. Fortunately, it breaks automatically, thanks to the innovative driver assist systems, and leaves the little boy to day dream in safety.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Porsche, Lamborghini, DeLorean – all over the world children dream of these cars. But there is more to it than that: as soon as children see these cars in reality, they get instantly lost in thought, staring at their dream car – without realising anything around them.