Category A01. Food & Drink
Entrant BBDO Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation BBDO Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement OMD GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Wolfgang Schneider BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Till Diestel BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Managing Director
Tobias Grimm BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Managing Director
Michael Schachtner BBDO Berlin GmbH Executive Creative Director
David Missing BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Director
Nicolas Linde BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Director
Shelley Lui, Annalise Nurme BBDO Berlin GmbH Art Director
Nico Baumann BBDO Berlin GmbH Copywriter
Lorenza Massari BBDO Berlin GmbH Copywriter
Franzis Heusel, Jens Fauth, Alexandra Schöne, Katharina Keitemeier BBDO Berlin GmbH Account Team
Steffen Gentis BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Production Officer
Silke Rochow, Allison Markert BBDO Berlin GmbH Agency Producer
Frank Hoffman, Christian Schliebs Mutter & Vater Productions GmbH Producer
- ARRI Mitte; Mutter & Vater Productions GmbH Post-Production Company
Johannes Kunz - Audio Production / Sound Design / Sound Engineer
Max Millies - Director
Philipp Kaminiak - Director Of Photography
Thilo Both - Editor
Malvine Stecher - Casting
Dhoshiba Vashikararaij - Make-up Artist
Nadine Engel - Styling
Kolja Briese - Setting

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Bananas are healthy and tasty at the same time - which technically makes them the perfect snack. The problem: for bystanders you always look like you're performing oral sex while eating them. That's where true fruits comes into play, as all of their fruit smoothies contain banana. We highlight this issue in a film full of funny slow motion sequences, proving that the best way to eat bananas is actually to drink them.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

In Germany, true fruits is known to be a brand that doesn't shy away from targeting delicate social topics like equality or racism in tongue-in-cheek way.