Category A02. Applied Innovation
Entrant ADD2 Duesseldorf, GERMANY
Idea Creation ADD2 Duesseldorf, GERMANY
Media Placement ADD2 Duesseldorf, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 WAVEADS GMBH Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 3 TRO Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Kevin Blättermann add2 GmbH Group Head Creation
Daniel Burchard add2 GmbH Director AdTech
Britta Selent add2 GmbH Group Head Digital Media
Rico Honisch add2 GmbH Group Head Digital Media
Dirk Ritters waveads GmbH CEO/CTO

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

Eurowings is breaking new ground in radio advertising with dynamic audio adverts. Dynamic audio technology delivers consumers customised adverts based upon user data. Eurowings is going one step further: Instead of pre-producing adverts with departure airport/destination/price combinations, these parameters are recorded individually, cleverly arranged based upon user data with an intro and outro added. There are 150,000+ possible combinations. With rigid pre-produced adverts, you can’t address customers in a targeted, differentiated way. Eurowings is the first in the field to use audio adverts like this.


RADIO BACKGROUND The number of web radio shows means that more people are listening to radio stations based on their preferences. But so far, radio advertising has been very generic. To attract the audience’s attention, adverts should target consumers’ specific interests, search queries, or locations. This increases relevance and the probability that the listeners will actively pay attention to the advert - and ideally, also make a booking. Competition between airlines is fierce, so it’s even more important to choose types of advertising that offer consumers real added value. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Eurowings runs campaigns with personalised dynamic motifs that updated in real-time on display ads and DOOH spaces. These are proven to produce better results than campaigns with static motifs. Eurowings created successful and dynamic radio ads to boost sales, and are now extending this to digital radio.

Describe the idea

Eurowings supplies dynamic audio adverts containing live data for the first time. Cookies and location details are used to show users customised offers. This may be routes that have been previously searched on, or routes from a nearby airport that may be of interest. The lowest price should always be advertised. Newly developed mechanics that link creation, technology and media strategy lie at the heart of the campaign: five individual audio tracks (intro, departure airport, destination airport and outro) are dynamically compiled in real time using data management platform (‘DMP’) data, based on information that is updated every second. All Eurowings adverts played on web radio can be customised and delivered to each listener in seconds. This new idea increases relevance for customers as well as efficiency and effectiveness for Eurowings campaigns.

What were the key dates in the development process?

TIMELINE June 2017: First idea July 2017: Evaluation of the technical possibilities and partnership with the digital production company End of July 2017: Presentation of the idea to Eurowings August/September 2017: Development of the technical setup and proof of concept September 2017: Development of the creative concept November 2017: Audio recording in the sound studio Beginning of November 2017: Technical implementation of the campaign 9th November 2017: Beginning of the campaign / the dynamic audio ads are live 14th February 2018: End of the campaign KEY DATES Dynamic audio adverts were played on over 200 cookie-enabled web radios and web radio players in Germany (web radio/internet radio/online radio). Only regions near to a departure airport are taken into consideration here. Altogether about 4.8 million radio adverts were broadcasted during the campaign.

Describe the innovation/technology

Dynamic audio - addressing users individually - one step further. Eurowings cost-effectively addresses individual target groups via personalised web radio audio. Digital adverts are rendered in real time, so lots of variations can be generated without them having to be prepared in advance. To personalise adverts, individual user data and flight information is dynamically integrated into the audio in real time. Audio adverts are generated from 5 clusters: intro, departure airport, destination, price and outro. Airport, destination and price is dynamic content. Information about prior searches is gathered using a dynamic ad system. This system is also updated with the latest prices and availability of Eurowings flights. Upon tuning into an online radio stream, the information gathered from the users’ cookies, is used in combination with the DMP to create a custom, real-time advertisement. Advert content is determined by whether users have previously shown an interest in a destination on If they have, they are played a current offer for that destination using RETARGETING. If they haven’t, GEOTARGETING is used to suggest current top-selling offers from their nearest airport. Thus, the user receives offers that are relevant to them based on the purchasing patterns of other users.

Describe the expectations/outcome

EXPECTATIONS Development of a dynamic audio campaign to personally address the target group (ages 20-59). By using cookies and location data, each user should be individually addressed with customised offers for airports that are relevant to them, or routes that have already been searched for, to offer them real added value. Many routes should be advertised while minimising production costs. The advert should meet our stringent quality standards and be spoken in a natural tone and rhythm. The ads should be highly relevant for customers, thereby increasing sales traffic from audio ads to OUTCOME The new technology is successful. Over 4 million real-time audio adverts with more than 150,000 possible combinations have been broadcasted during the campaign. The production cost is 98% less than pre-produced ads. The media cost per sale has been reduced by about 21%, compared to campaigns that use static adverts. A complete success for Eurowings!