Category B02. Microsites
Entrant STAART Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation STAART Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Juuso Kemi Staart Oy Creative director
Sami Valtere Helsingin Sanomat Design Director
Hanna Syrjälä Helsingin Sanomat Journalist
Elisa Bestetti Helsingin Sanomat Graphic designer
Timo Myllymäki Helsingin Sanomat Graphic designer
Jussi Pohjola Staart Oy COO
Juha Laitinen Staart Oy CEO


Aimless internet browsing and multitasking affect concentration and memory and are a real health issue. Helsingin Sanomat, the leading Finnish daily newspaper, wanted to highlight the issue and raise awareness about the subject.

Describe the strategy

Helsingin Sanomat wanted to demonstrate this issue to readers using their own personal experience. We wanted to lift the whole reading experience by getting rid of all possible distractions that customers face in reading online articles. So, no facebooking, no googling or twittering this time. Just pure journalism.

Describe the execution

An online article that you can only view by going offline. Helsingin Sanomat wrote an online article titled “At your ease”, which was an investigative story about the effects of multitasking and lack of focus. The catch was that you couldn’t read the article without shutting down your internet connection first. When you landed on hs.fi/takeiteasy you were guided to turn on your device’s offline mode. And when you went offline, the article opens. And when you go back online, the article disappears.

List the results

The article was viewed more than 150 000 times in a week (that's 5900 % more readers than an average article on HS.fi) and it was the week’s most-read article on HS.fi. But most of all: it made people stop, think and focus on quality journalism. And that's what Helsingin Sanomat is all about.