Category H01. Integrated Multi-Platform Campaign (Online & Offline)
Product/ServiceTARIFF "ALLISMINE!"
Entrant R:TA Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation R:TA Moscow, RUSSIA
Production JOURNEY Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Arthur Ahmetov R:TA Creative Director
Maya Kudryavtseva R:TA Creative Group Head
Ilya Pedro R:TA Creative
Alice Zadorozhnaya R:TA Strategy&Image Director
Evgenia Galetka Journey Project Director
Dmitriy Stepanov Journey Creative Director
Ivan Antonov Journey Art Director


• Situation It is problematic to stand out by services in the mobile market due to the conditions of commoditization category. It is necessary to come up with something else that attracts the attention of the client. Something that can differentiate a brand in an optimistic and bright way. • Brief To draw up of a platform which promotes the tariff "ALLMine!"and translates the main mission of the brand — to inspire customers to get more from each day. • Objectives Announcement of the new tariff  "ALLMine!" among the advanced and sophisticated audience of music lovers in terms of commoditization category. Focus on the young and progressive people who value personal touch and choose the territory where our target audience is located. Get the coverage, new users and increase the loyalty of current clients.

Describe the strategy

During the data gathering we identified some insights: — Users are no longer satisfied with average privileges. The future is ultra-personalization. And it is important to provide customers with access to unique privileges that created specifically on their interests and tastes. — Even if you're at a festival with an audience of thousands, it's meaningful important to feel that it's only for you. Target Audience: Early majority Average age — 30 years Tonality: Optimistic, Bold, Brave, Amazing Values: TO SAVE - Stylish, trendy, optimistic TO BUILD - Modern, advanced, «a step higher» The desired target audience is concentrated on the selected platforms in the best possible way for the campaign. Approach: With the tariff "ALLMine!" you configure the resources inside the package for yourself as in the simplest equalizer. So we built all communication on the idea of personalization and analogy with the tariff.

Describe the execution

We linked digital tools and offline activities and transformed it to a technological integration of the brand into large-scale summer festivals with a total coverage of more than a 3.8 million people audience. The key mechanic of the project is Melody ID — the key that opens up all privileges. You can sign up on the project website and offline right on festivals. Melody ID provided 3 levels of access to the benefits. The highest level — gold — for users of the tariff " AllMine!". Each component of the integrated campaign is a combination of the client's personal preferences and formed into a unique guest experience — from unique photos to creating guest’s own lineup. Placement: Launch of the digital-hub PPF (1st festival) AFP (2nd festival) FL (3rd festival) PG90 (4?? festival) Support in digital (special projects), Support in SMM (social networks) Internal communications (during the campaign)

List the results

— Registration of Melody ID — more than 20 thousand; — Internet promotion coverage — more than 5.7 million; — SMM-coverage — more than 12.5 million; — About 400 publications in the media with PR coverage of over 223.9 million; — Non-unique contacts involved — more than 335 thousand; — Coverage of all festivals — more than 3.8 million; — PR-value over 125 000$; — The brand took the 1st place in the parameter “for bright and energetic people” among telecom operators in August 2018, and also strengthened its position on the “Optimistic” attribute.