Category B02. Microsites
Entrant ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Nicola Gotti Alkemy digital_enabler Creative Director
Fabio Montalbetti Alkemy digital_enabler Crative Supervisor
Mattia Rinaudo Alkemy digital_enabler Designer
Alessandro Rigobello Alkemy digital_enabler Developer
Stella Succi Alkemy digital_enabler Content Specialist
Alessandra Castellazzi Alkemy digital_enabler Content Specialist
Valentina Gorla Alkemy digital_enabler Account Supervisor
Arianna Cazzaniga Alkemy digital_enabler Account Manager
Vincenzo Romeo Alkemy digital_enabler Senior Project Manager


• Situation Colmar, an Italian historic fashion brand within the ski and mountain lifestyle world, has created a super contemporary department dedicated to product innovation and experimentation: Colmar A.G.E.  • Brief ?Create a website, a landing page for the digital PR campaign, able to reflect the idea on which A.G.E. was founded: a laboratory of experimentation where heritage and innovation meet. • Objectives To communicate the launch of the project that Colmar set up A.G.E. Advanced Garment Exploration. The R&D location where stylists and designers are called to innovate the brand’s DNA taking from the brand’s archives.  ?• Budget 70K             ?• Project scale and volume The campaign of the collection was planned on the most relevant fashion magazines. The website is where the generated traffic conveys.

Describe the strategy

The target is transversal to all ages, yet strictly linked to the fashion sector: fashion addicted, music stars, stylists, actors and influencers.  

Describe the execution

 The website links heritage and futuristic elements making the digital do what a digital channel can’t by definition do: be analogic. The project is relevant for Colmar because it helps the brand communicate the concept of the collection through the feel of real materials.

List the results

• Value added to brand The brand has changed the perception of the target within fashion sector. • Value for consumer Users can concretely live the taste of a real atelier of fashion experimentation.  • Reach/cultural impact The website reached over 25K unique visitors in less than a month The website has gained many international awards: CSS Design Award - Website of the day FWA of the day Awwwards honorable mention (evaluation phase per SOTD) Mobile Excellence - Riconoscimento Google Site of the day - Digital Design Award (evaluation phase)