Category E05. Influencer / Talent
Idea Creation ISOBAR FINLAND Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation 2 CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Placement CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Additional Company IPROSPECT FINLAND Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Jussi Hakanen Isobar Finland Creative Strategist
Mertsi Murmann Isobar Finland Content Producer / Copywriter
Anssi Saresvuo Carat Finland Strategic Planner
Marko Virta Isobar Finland Graphics Designer
Juha Keskinen Isobar Finland Video Creative
Kukka Almgren Carat Finland Account Manager
Petra Jägerholm Isobar Finland Graphics Designer
Markus Pirilä Isobar Finland Producer
Erika Ikäheimonen iProspect Finland Performance Marketing Consultant
Tanja Tammisalo iProspect Finland PPC Analyst


Fanta is one of teens’ favorite brands in Finland. But by early 2018, it had lost its grip from target group. We had to turn the negative sales curve into growth by taking market share from prime competitor Hartwall Jaffa, a big local brand with strong heritage, and growing private labels. To drive sales through increasing penetration and frequency, we focused on our main target group teens. We needed to highlight the different taste variants, but most importantly focus on collective fun Fanta can do together with teens. So not for the teens, together with them and involving them from start. KPI’s vs. previous year Business / Marketing objectives: · Sales +5 % (FantaTM - total package) Brand/Communication objectives: · Unaided Brand Awareness +5% · Fun Brand: +1% · Always doing new things: +1% Media objectives: · Effective reach in target group · Engagement

Describe the strategy

According to our consumer study Instagram is the most important social media platform for teens and the second reaching one. In Instagram, we can reach daily 60 % of the Finnish teens and overall over 80 %. From previous campaigns, we have learned that it is also the most engaging one. From our consumer study, we also found that 27 % of the teens say that influencers promoting products have strong positive impact on their purchase behavior. We wanted to combine Instagram, influencers, doing fun together with teens, but also doing something totally new and surprising with them. Then we came up with the idea of #MessageInAFanta; using Instagram live shows connecting Fanta, influencers and their fans and spreading these engaging shows to even wider audience. We could also highlight the different flavors by giving influencer captain to different variants. Consumer study: Consumer connection System CCS Finland. N=5400

Describe the execution

We chose three popular social media influencers to “captain” each Fanta flavor, Zero, Zero Orange and Wildberries. We created hype with mark-the-date teasers in Instagram to invite Finnish teens to join a very innovative collaboration: solving funny challenges in real time together with their favourite influencers. All influencers would simultaneously get messages in a bottle, containing crazy and creative Fanta tasks, like building catapults and creatures using Fanta bottles. Captains took up the challenges in their Instagram Lives, in real time. In order to succeed in just 15 minutes, they needed their fans to collaborate. Fans shared their ideas in the comments and also got invited to a captain’s live video feed. After each challenge, we posted highlight videos and let teens vote on which team did the best. Points accumulated after every challenge, which gave the campaign a feel of an epic six-week clan clash.

List the results

Campaign was a huge success in terms of the fun Fanta had with teens, but also commercially. KPI’s vs. previous year Business / Marketing objectives: • Sales +9,6 % (FantaTM - total package) o Objective 5 % Brand/Communication objectives: • Unaided Brand Awareness +9,2 % (43,8% ? 53%) o Objective 5 % • Fun Brand: +2 % (17.7% ? 19,7%) o Objective 1 % • Always doing new things: +3,8 % (8,2% ? 12%) o Objective 1 % Media objectives: • Effective reach in target group o Approx. 82 % • Engagement o 447 000 engagements in Fanta Instagram o Huge number compared that we have little over 400 000 teens in Finland Sources: - TCCC sales data - Brand tracking: Brand Guidance System (Millward-Brown) - Facebook/Instagram analytics