Category E08. Community Building & Management
Idea Creation HUMANSEVEN Paris, FRANCE
Production SOVAGE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Elisabeth Billiemaz HumanSeven CEO
Xavier Beauregard HumanSeven Not part of the agency
St├ęphane Gaubert HumanSeven Creative Director
Jordan molina HumanSeven Artistic Director
Ludovic Miege HumanSeven Copywriter
Sarah Bouadjera HumanSeven TV Producer


With its cheap tickets and multiple destinations, Transavia is positioning itself as the best company to allows people to go back on holidays. How to communicate in an original and creative way in order to encourage the 20-35 to prefer our company rather an other one? Simply by showing them that at this price we can leave for a reason as simple as going back to take a new photo that you failed to take on the first trip.

Describe the strategy

In order to engage and increase its online social community, Transavia stated a simple observation : like it or not, when we come back from holidays, we often have a smartphone full of missed pictures. Even in 2018. And for Instagram users (the 20-35yo, our target), a flawed picture is a useless picture. So we decided to turn millennials' bad pictures into plane tickets.

Describe the execution

From the 05/03/2018 to 18/03/2018 users were invited to post their worst holiday picture on Instagram. And the lousiest, most messed up one could get them a return ticket to go back to the pictures destination and take it again. Properly this time. Transavia Instagram page was full of bad pictures, each one worst than the other. An advertising published on social networks invited people to participate in the operation.

List the results

+462% followers 5,3 millions people reach 195 000 social media interactions +39% of booking +24% website traffic