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Category G01. Tangible Tech
Production NHB Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Production 2 NHB Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Eric Schoeffler Havas Germany Chief Creative Officer
Darren Richardson Havas Düsseldorf Chief Creative Officer
Tobias von Aesch Havas Düsseldorf Creative Director
Ramon Scheffer Havas Düsseldorf Creative Director
Rodrigo Stroisch Havas Düsseldorf Senior Art Director
Monika Pfeiffer Havas Düsseldorf Management Supervisor
Detlef Stuhldreier Havas Düsseldorf Head of Print Production
Sabine Schmalenbach nhb studios Düsseldorf Senior Producer
Aleksander Rynkowski nhb ton Sound Engineer & Music Composer
Markus Fink nhb ton Sound Engineer & Sound Designer
Verena Beck nhb ton Senior Audio Producer
Fabian Gustus nhb studios Düsseldorf Editor
Timo Wilke nhb studios Düsseldorf Motion Graphics Art
Johannes Müller nhb studios Düsseldorf vfx Supervisor
Jannes Wegner nhb ton Apprentice


In summer 2018, the German people face an overwhelming thread to living out their two major passions in life: glorious football and hard work. Because with the 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place in Russian time zones, play times will massively clash with German working hours. Now the German people have two options: Go to work and miss all the great football moments or skip work and miss all the important meetings. Neither option is really satisfying. The brief was to come up with a solution that gives the German people an opportunity to bring their two passions together.

Describe the strategy

The strategy behind this idea is based on the natural behaviour of working people. We had to come up with a solution that offers them a chance to enjoy the world cup and at the same time make sure that they, at least look like hard working people. Since a pen and a mobile phone are natural items in the work place environment, and therefore are highly relevant to the target audience, we decided to create the idea around these too devices. The approach was to make the whole connection as simple as possible to give the target audience the chance to use the pen in a convenient way.

Describe the execution

The idea is part of the world cup 2018 initiative by to raise awareness for the many live sport broadcasters in their library. 10 pens were given out to participants in a social media action to promote the app. The app is already available in the app store and is with over 30.000 radio stations worldwide one of the biggest online radio hubs on the market.

List the results

Once the pen was featured on social media, it caused a massive raise in engagement within the fan base and social media community. International news coverage created a buzz about the Footballpen and made it a No. 1 topic in the football community along the World Cup.