Category D01. Social Video
Entrant &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production &CO. PRODUCTIONS Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Thomas Hoffmann & Co. / NoA Creative Director
Johan Køhler & Co. / NoA Copy writter
Alexander Topsøe &Co. Production Director


Bianco is a Danish fashion brand known for their provocative campaigns and willingness to take on tough subjects, which is not commonly seen in the fashion industry. The brief was to make Bianco part of a contemporary discussion once again.

Describe the strategy

Bianco campaigns are usually a current debate subject – in this instance hate on the internet – put in a fashion context. As a fashion brand, we play on the word “Trend” and gets on the biggest and most current trend of them all: Hate. Hate is so 2018, so we mirror the hate of the internet. In short, the strategy is to show, not tell. The aim is to spur an organic conversation.

Describe the execution

The film is both classic and new. It’s a monologue, but it’s not a monologue performed by a great actor; it’s a monotonous machine voice speaking. She conveys data, but the data is a mirror of us and our actions, and that makes it emotional. Having a machine quantify our actions makes us able to see ourselves from a distance. With this simple way of making a film about online debate culture, we used the medium to provoke and spark self-awareness in the viewer. The film was launched on Bianco’s social channels, YouTube, blogs and with material for the press. The main effort was to make people engage with the film online; both nationally and abroad.

List the results

We showed how it is, instead of telling how it should be. At the same time, we played on the dystopian fear of an all-knowing A.I. and used imagery that was meant to provoke people into joining the discussion. Millions saw the film, and people everywhere gave their own (obvious) answer to this dystopian outlook: Less hate and more love.