Category D01. Social Video
Entrant DLV BBDO Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation DLV BBDO Milan, ITALY
Production FILMMASTER Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe Dlvbbdo Executive Creative Directors
Giuseppe Pavone, Luca Ghilino DLVBBDO Client Creative Directors
Federico Brugia Filmmaster Director
Lorenzo Cefis Filmmaster Ceo- Executive Producer
Elena Marabelli Filmmaster Producer
Davide Crippa Filmmaster D.O.P
Ferdinando Arnò Quiet, Please! Music
Alessandra Barbieri Band Post Production


Background In Italy, one out of ten young people attempt suicide because they are victims of cyberbullying, and in one school out of two bullying is a daily occurrence. Brief The brief was to create a campaign for FARE X BENE Onlus, a little association which develops projects and activities to fight all forms of violence and discrimination in schools. Objectives The Objective was to turn the spotlight on the importance of awareness and prevention of cyberbullism through an impactfull campaign able to create buzz on social media and the web and encouraging debate between students and professors on the issue.

Describe the strategy

Our strategy has been to create a campaign able to generate buzz and a conversation around the problem of cyberbullying. An emotional content to shown in schools to encourage students to fight cyberbulling.

Describe the execution

A teacher presents a new classmate to her students. She’s starts to tell a dramatic story. She says she left her hometown because at a party, after drinking too much, some students pretended to have sex with her and made a video of it on a smartphone. The next day, the girl was the victim of cyberbullying and received more than 2,000 insulting messages. That’s why she committed suicide. At the end of her story she say: “if I weren’t dead, I’d be here with you in class today, and you can’t imagine what you’re missing out on.”

List the results

- over 3 MILLION views - more than 400 thousand shares on the web - The film was broadcast by several national television channels, in full and on their own initiative. - 20 Million Impression - The campaign was sponsored by the Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research and shown in over 30 schools.