Product/ServiceAUDI QUATTRO
Category A05. Automotive
Entrant POL Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation POL Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production DVA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Petter Bryde POL Creative Director
Thorbjørn Ruud POL Art Director
Ole jakob Bø Skattum POL Designer
Emma Gyllenbreider POL Account Manager
Kjetil Botten Skogly POL Account Director
Anna Adamson DVA Immersive Technology Studios Executive Producer
Johan Anstérus DVA Immersive Technology Studios Producer
Thomas Söderlund DVA Immersive Technology Studios Technical Director
Bo Gustafsson DVA Immersive Technology Studios Creative Director
Christoffer von Reis DVA Immersive Technology Studios TVC Director
Kiko Prieto DVA Immersive Technology Studios Director of photography
Simon Prieto Art Official Agency TVC Editor
Swiss International Swiss International VFX/Post production
Redpipe Music & Sound Redpipe Music & Sound Sound/Music

Why is this work relevant for Media?

For the first-time ever, viewers can make a seamless transition from one media to another. From a traditional TV ad, to agumented reality, and continue the ride of the Audi quattro in their own living room. Explore the car and build the tracks they want. The campaign serves as a unique experience of Audi Quattro, but also Audi as an innovative brand at large. You can explore an Audi quattro anywhere.


Championed by its Vorsprunch dürch Technik slogan, Audi is known as one of the car industry’s most innovative brands. And is also one of the biggest buyers of television advertising. Now they wanted to challenge how to make better use of TV. TV eats large portions of the media budget, and the goal was to engage viewers beyond paid time. Using new technology to combine better use of TVC, and to offer an emmersive experience.

Describe the creative idea/insights

The idea is to start a driving experience on traditional TV, which then breaks through the TV screen, for users to build their own tracks and continue the experience in their own living room.

Describe the strategy

The target group of Audi have always been the ones who are excited about new technology. Now we wanted to make use of the technology made available with the release of iOS 11 from Apple, to get more out of the expencive TV commercials. To actualize Audi’s ambition of making technological innovation part and parcel of the communication itself, the idea emerged to combine the traditional product demonstration of a test drive with the new and exciting possibilities offered by AR.

Describe the execution

The quattro coaster is designed as an extension of a TVC, giving users the ability to take full control of the car and explore it on their own premises. First, we aligned trigger points in the TV commercial. And then, when the camera recognizes these points, a different action is triggered. The car will now drive through the screen and into the room. What's new is that you no longer have to relate to the trigger point. You can freely move around and explore the car, or continue driving and build your own path.

List the results

The app went straight to top 5 in AppStore More than 60.000 downloads (The total population of Norway is just 5 millions) Average time spent in almost 25 minutes. Even if you only go through the experience for five minutes, that means Audi has increased the engagement time of their 30 second ad that triggers the experience by 900 percent. The Audi quattro coaster also got massive media coverage in Norway and in the global market