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Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation PHD London, UNITED KINGDOM
Idea Creation 2 adam&eveDDB London, UNITED KINGDOM
Media Placement PHD London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production adam&eveDDB London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company SKY MEDIA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 2 NEWS UK London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Micheal Bensley PHD UK Media Director
Chris Langley PHD UK Business Director
Ben Priest Adam&Eve DDB Group Chief Creative Officer
Richard Brim Adam&Eve DDB Chief Creative Officer
Patrick McClelland & Feargal Balance Adam&Eve DDB Creative Director
Darren Beresford & Rick Gayton Adam&Eve DDB Creatives
Michael McConville Adam&Eve DDB Managing Partner
Mike Stern Adam&Eve DDB Business Director
Matthew Harris Adam&Eve DDB Account Director
Andy Billman Adam&Eve DDB Account Manager
Michael McCarthy & Olly Ravaux Adam&Eve DDB Producer
Scott Silvey Adam&Eve DDB Designer
Dan Jackson Adam&Eve DDB Retoucher
Nick Hirst Adam&Eve DDB Head of Planning
Sohail Bhatia Adam&Eve DDB Senior Planner
Harry Vincent PHD UK Media Manager
Tom Rovery PHD UK Partnerships Account Director
Iain Campbell PHD UK AV Business Director
TThomas Stimpfig PHD UK AV Account Director
Luke Winterbourne Talon Outdoor OOH Group Business Director
Kirsty Collier Talon Outdoor OOH Client Manager
Jonathan Sturdy PHD UK Publishing Director
Hugo Barthorp PHD UK Senior Publisher Planner Buyer
Sunni Phillips PHD UK Senior Publisher Planner Buyer
Tom Read PHD UK Digital Display Manager
Victoria Farley PHD UK Publisher Planner/Buyer
Georgia Waboso PHD UK Social Media Manager

Why is this work relevant for Media?

We used 51 specially-created moments to bring the T-Roc’s #BORNCONFIDENT persona to life in media.


To successfully launch Volkswagen’s biggest new model in a decade - the T-Roc - into the highly competitive Small SUV category.

Describe the creative idea/insights

The small SUV category, into which the T-Roc model was launching, is one of the most competitive automotive battlefields in the UK as more and more manufacturers launch new models. That makes brand differentiation a key challenge. Volkswagen’s strategic focus on all of its SUV brands (Tiguan, Touareg and now the T-Roc) is centred around CONFIDENCE. So, when you’re launching a new car, HOW DO YOU DEMONSTRATE DRIVER CONFIDENCE THROUGH MEDIA and stand out from the crowd? We did this by leveraging Bam the Ram - the star of the T-Roc’s launch TV commercial. Bam is a little ram, born with BIG confidence. Just like the new Volkswagen T-Roc. So we created a media strategy that would let Bam make a confident impact BEYOND the T-Roc’s launch ads.

Describe the strategy

To launch the T-Roc we delivered THE UK’S MOST CONFIDENT MEDIA STRATEGY. Whilst other SUV brands stuck with the approach of showcasing their cars driving up mountains or through deserted cityscapes… …we took the T-Roc’s confidence to the next level and CREATED A MEDIA PLAN THAT ALLOWED BAM TO BURST OUT OF THE T-ROC CAMPAIGN AND RAM INTO OTHER BRANDS’ ADS – IN EVERY MEDIUM WE USED. This not only delivered our ‘Born Confident’ message in the media space we bought – it also delivered it in the environments that SURROUNDED the media space we’d bought too.

Describe the execution

Before we could execute our confident ‘ramming’ media strategy to its fullest, we made ‘Bam the Ram’ famous with a heavyweight 3-week TV campaign. We negotiated with five well-known brands to partner with us on the launch, and Bam then started his own media invasion of the ad campaigns of Wall’s, Virgin Atlantic, Admiral Insurance, Castle Howard and Harvey Nichols. TV came first with a series of specially-made ad breaks in which Bam smashed through the screen of Admiral and Virgin Atlantics ads, before his own ad was broadcast. He then moved onto Digital OOH where Wall’s Ice Cream and Castle Howard saw Bam invade their ads. Special-build OOH saw Bam break out of a physical billboard. In newspapers, Bam took a stroll through editorial and broke into ads for Harvey Nichols, Wall’s and Castle Howard. And finally, in social media, Bam smashed through motivational posts to deliver his message.

List the results

T-Roc’s website became the most visited car model site of ANY car in the UK. Brand index for Volkswagen hit its highest level for 2 years. VW Brand consideration rose by 7% points. Purchase intent for the brand increased by 3% points. Customer demand outstripped supply, AND T-ROC BECAME THE UK’S MOST SUCCESSFUL SMALL SUV LAUNCH FOR 7 YEARS – despite overall UK car sales declining during its launch period.