Category A01. Food & Drink
Idea Creation CREUNA Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement CARAT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Pål Jespersen Creuna Senior Art Director
Oskar Bringager Creuna AS Senior Copywriter
Nicoline Lysholm Creuna AS Account Director
Una Solbakken Grosch Creuna AS Project Manager
Balder Dysthe Creuna AS Motion Graphics
Isidor Åstrøm Studio Isidor Photographer
Nicolai Ass Blinck Director
Anders Jordbekken Bama Marketing Director
Pia Gulbrandsen Bama Communication Director
Martin Krogseth Dalene Bama Digital Director

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The Souperheroes campaign turned January into a soup calendar. Every day of the month we launched a new, customized soup recipe simultaneously across a wide variety of media channels (TV, outdoor and social media). Each soup appeared with unique names, healthy profiles and colorful design to make every day a different soup day. The media strategy and execution was a key component in elevating the creative concept.


Norwegians eat only 3 out of the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables a day. During the Christmas period things get even worse; We carelessly enjoy the traditional dishes, cakes and sweets and put health on hold. In January however, we are quickly obtained by the conscience, which is the month of the year where we are most concerned with health. BAMA, the largest private distributor of fruits and vegetables in Norway, wanted to capitalize on the health momentum in January with a vegetable campaign. The goal is to increase the overall vegetable consumption among Norwegians.

Describe the creative idea/insights

We all know vegetables are healthy, yet we struggle to eat what is recommended. But, what if we try focusing on what “healthy” means and what the specific vegetables can do to our bodies and minds? Can we combine vegetables to create new and surprising benefits? This was our starting point in helping Norwegians to a fresh and greener start to the new year. Healthy food recipes are trending in January, with soup on top (Google). Soups are flexible and has a broad appeal, but most importantly the dish has vegetables as the main ingredient – A perfect platform for experimenting with tastes, consistencies, colors and nutrients. Working closely with a recognized master chef and BAMAs food nutritionists, we created a collection of 31 soups with unique names, colors and health benefits – a new recipe for each day in January, simultaneously launched across channels throughout the month.

Describe the strategy

The Souperheroes campaign was primarily targeting the typical household grocery buyer (female 25-55). As a national distributor of fruits and vegetables and a major contributor to the “5 A Day” message in Norway, BAMA always define large parts of the population a secondary target group. Consequently the media channels was a combination of traditional TV ads (for nationwide and demographical reach), digital outdoor and social media (aimed specifically towards the primary target audience). The Media strategy was to launch new daily soups simultaneously across the preferred channels to quickly create awareness and keep the momentum throughout the month. Some soups where even designed for specific days (such as “The Day After”/Jan 1st, “Fit for Friday”).

Describe the execution

The Souperheroes went way beyond traditional soups; They recipes were specifically designed for a practical or healthy benefit, they should consider European nutrition requirements for health claims, look colorful and visual alone and as a palette, the consistency should be right and last but not least, it should taste good! The campaign consisted of 31 stylized photographs to highlight the carefully chosen ingredients. They all had a unique names reflecting the attributes. The material was the foundation for digital outdoor and social media executions. In addition we created TVCs dramatizing the specific benefits. We had 3 soups served on national morning TV by our master chef. “The RE-charge” soup was served the athletes during the national cross-country championships for nationwide PR. Media channels: Outdoor, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube bumpers, TVC, Events and PR. Period: From January 1st to January 31st 2018

List the results

Because of several external factors, such as the weather, it is difficult to base the overall results of campaigns for BAMA only on sales. Due to the consumers increasing awareness about foods origin and support for local suppliers, it is increasingly important for BAMA as a brand to be perceived as relevant among the consumers. Therefore, indicators such as followers in SoMe, traffic to site, etc., are critical. Traffic to site increased by 25 %, pageviews per visit by 48 % and time spent per visit by 75% in the campaign period. Followers on Instagram increased by 224%.