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Luis Piquer Publips Serviceplan CEO
Kike Cerdá Publips Serviceplan Assistant Manager
Diego Valiente Publips Serviceplan Sales Agent
Isabel López Publips Serviceplan Head of Digital
César Sabater Naumaquia CEO
Emilio Oviedo Naumaquia Producer
Gabo Guerra Naumaquia Photographer
David Cloquell Publips Serviceplan Producer
Ernest Huart Publips Serviceplan Producer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Paella Today! shows that there is no such thing as difficult objectives, but rather brave propositions. That with creativity and a clear purpose anything can be achieved, even changing the image of an entire region. And Paella Today! has done that in new, unconventional and long-lasting ways.


Valencia is a region in Spain that has it all: an incredible climate, renowned cuisine and friendly people. But it is also home to something, that many people don’t realise. The most recognised national dish: the paella. Pizza is from Naples, the hamburger is from Hamburg, but… paella from Valencia? It’s the fourth most searched for recipe online and the world doesn’t know where it comes from. Having this opportunity, we had to find a way to promote the region timelessly and in the long-term. With an international campaign that would tie Valencia to its most famous dish. But, how could we do it…?

Describe the creative idea/insights

We wanted to promote the region of Valencia with a film. Yes, a F-I-L-M that would connect with young people and promote the region. And so we created Paella Today!, a Mediterranean gastro-comedy set in the region and that talks about its relationship with its most famous dish, paella. Paella Today! is a love story, set in the city of Valencia and which shows it in all its glory and beauty. Showcasing the friendliness of its people and its great cuisine, all with a touch of humour, music from up-and-coming Valencian groups, new actors as well as some more renowned ones… A new recipe that combines content and promotion.

Describe the strategy

To start the project and finance the idea, we presented it to different Valencian touristic brands and institutions and together with supporting brands that joined us, we obtained a budget of €600,000. A fifth of an average Spanish film, but enough to start! We trusted in our excellent script and in our young team of producers and actors. The only thing left to do was to start creating a great product. And Paella Today! smelt like success!

Describe the execution

With a culinary contest as the connecting thread, the film tells a love story set in the city of Valencia and which shows it in all its glory. Its hidden gems, its light, its people, its cuisine, its culture… A new recipe that combines content and promotion. Even before its premiere, love for Valencia had already piqued and digital content acquired more than 1,000,000 organic views, and prior publicity to the value of €3,000,000 was generated.

List the results

After a year of production, Paella Today! was taken to 40 cinemas around Spain competing with the major releases and from there it reached television and platforms. A real landmark for an independent film, in a region whose film industry is almost inexistent. With all the buzz, the city supported the film and at its press conference the creation of Worldpaelladay was announced, celebrated on the 20th September and which will become an annual global event from the region. Something like a Valencian Oktoberfest. Following its release, came its earned distribution: sales to TV channels as well as VOD, gastro and events channels, trains, planes and other screens and windows, as well as projection at Spanish gastronomic, touristic and film events. Paella Today is still alive… at festivals, on platforms and it will keep being distributed for years. An advertising agency at a film festival? Yes!