Product/ServiceCAR INSURANCE
Category A11. Consumer Services
Idea Creation TRY REKLAME Oslo, NORWAY
Production BACON OSLO Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Caroline Riis TRY Creative
Eirik Sørensen TRY Creative
Kristina Skogen TRY Project Manager
Arne Eggen TRY Account Director
Jeppe Gjesti TRY Designer
Ola Narum Berg Bacon Executive Producer
Julien Alary Bacon Grade
Erlend Mjømen Knudsen Bacon Editor
Andreas Bjørseth Bacon Director of Photography
Andreas Riiser Bacon Director

Why is this work relevant for Media?

One thing is to tell people about why you need our car insurance. Another is to show them. A third is to build a parking pillar billboard and drive it around in a parking garage to demonstrate why they need it. Our sneaky pillar swerved around traditional media channels to be able to interact and engage with our target audience in the one place they need us the most. Where other channels would fall short, we were able to drive right up to our target audience and make them laugh in a place where frustration, swearing and anger usually soars.


Situation: 1 out of 3 car insurance claims are parking related. Luckily, with DNB insurance you can now dent your car once a year without affecting your no-claim bonus. Brief: Announce the good news to the target audience in a memorable way. Objective: Increase car insurance sales by 30%.

Describe the creative idea/insights

1 out of 3 insurance claims are parking related, and most of the accidents take place in tight parking garages. So we decided to play on an insight most drivers can relate to: That parking pillars can sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Describe the strategy

Data and insight told us that 1 out of 3 car insurance claims are parking related, with tight parking garages as the main enemy. The target audience was therefore defined as drivers who lives in the cities and and who often park in busy parking garages. To engage the audience we started out by creating a sneaky guerilla stunt in one of the busiest parking garages outside Oslo - making our message as memorable and relevant as possible. The stunt was captured with hidden cameras and then published as an online film - targeted towards the same target group - but to a much bigger audience.

Describe the execution

We constructed a remote-controlled parking pillar, built to blend in perfectly in a busy parking garage outside Oslo. Drivers were then ambushed by our evil pillar, as it was sneaking in behind cars backing up, blocking their doors etc. The drivers soon realized that it was all a joke, and when looking carefully at the pillar, our message was revealed, explaining our new insurance benefits. To convince an even bigger audience why they need our new insurance benefits, the stunt was also documented with hidden cameras and shared as an online film - inviting everyone to learn more on our website.

List the results

The online film got over 500.000 views. (Population of 5 million) Our goal was to increase car insurance sales by 30%. In only six weeks, the sales were up 78%.