Category A06. Retail
Entrant McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Media Placement HAVAS MEDIA Barcelona, SPAIN
Production CRAFT Madrid, SPAIN
Production 2 CRAFT Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Mónica Moro McCann Chief Creative Officer
Marta Llucia McCann General Creative Director (McCann Barcelona)
Jon Lavín, Raquel Martínez McCann Executive Creative Directors
Fernando Cerezo, Jaume Rufach, Eduard Cubel McCann Creative Directors
Mónica Moro, Jon Lavín McCann Copywriters
Fernando Cerezo, Max Gener McCann Art Directors
Eva Soler, Kelya Rodríguez McCann Account Team
Raquel Aguinaga Craft WW Madrid Audiovisual Producer
Sara Cuadrado Craft Barcelona Print Producer
Pere Pascual Craft Barcelona DOP

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Because we used the press in a new way to refresh a media that many advertisers consider not innovative at all, showing that press is more alive than ever and, also, that there are fresh products at Aldi Supermarkets, something most people didn’t know. Coordinated with the newspapers, they gave us their breaking news just before the close of the presses and we used something that seems exclusive to digital: real time. At 7:00h, over 1M newspapers were on sale with our fresh products wrapped in the same page that´s in the left. Other newspapers want to repeat.


Situation Fresh products are the reason that people choose supermarkets, they are the driver of a balanced diet in Spanish households: 52.1% of the food we buy are perishable goods (we buy perishables 251 times compared to 144 times for tinned or bottled products). In addition to raising awareness of quality supermarket products, they are key to generating frequency. In Spain Aldi is a relatively unknown supermarket and nobody knows about its fresh products, but it really has one of the best ranges, quality products, it’s local and has low prices. Brief Raise awareness of the quality of Aldi products especially the perishables. One of the main features is the fresness of the products which Aldi replace daily. Objectives • Give visibility to the range of products • Generate consideration • Show that Aldi’s fresh products are good value for money

Describe the creative idea/insights

The press is a testimony and “certificate” of the present. At Aldi we wanted to use the “freshness” of the news to make a comparison with the freshness of the products, that’s why we launched an innovative and never before seen campaign in the national press: two graphics created in real time , in which you sawsome products and that said: FRESH EVERY DAY. So fresh that they were wrapped in the newspaper you just read. Aldi wanted to differentiate itself from the competitive set, which communicate quality and price of fresh products in a standard , conventional way.

Describe the strategy

Data gathering Press is the most traditional media and is renewed every day. Over 2.5 million new copies are generated, printed and distributed daily: fresh news is consumed daily. Aldi wants to get closer to urban consumers, opening new shops in the main Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona (62% of new shops opened in 2018 are urban) The two channels used are audience leaders in the cities: 20 Minutos has an average 440,000 readers in Madrid daily. La Vanguardia the best selling newspaper in Barcelona with 610,000 readers daily. Target audience (consumer demographic/individuals/organisations) Aldi Target: Shoppers aged between 25 and 45 and families with children. We wanted to highlight the most representative target to create buzz about the action: Free press: individuals aged between 25 and 45 Paid press: individuals aged 40 and over The audience of these two channels are middle and upper class, active and are urbanites.

Describe the execution

For this “flash action” we coordinated with the newspapers (print edition) so that they provided us papers as son as the presses stopped rolling, with their freshest news. In 2 hours we had to to deliver the piece to the presses: - Team ready and waiting - Two important news ítems: Rafa Nadal won and Pyonyang announced the closure of its nuclear. Timeline: Monday 30th April 3 ads were inserted in the press. Placement: A page in La Vanguardia in Spanish and Catalan. • A page in 20 Minutos in Spanish. Scale: 29th April • 9h: Creative thinking about the visual graphic • 10h: Purchase of fresh products Set: 21h: Reception of 2 news ítems, print, colour tests, shoot, final art. • 23h: Delivery of the ads to the newspapers. 30th April: 2h: Newspapers printed / 7h: Newspapers distibuted all over Spain.

List the results

We reached over 1 million households, bearing in mind the media used were leaders in audience ranking in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, highlighting our target, families with children so that they gave us consideration when it came to buying fresh food daily and reinforcing a balanced diet driver in Spanish households. This action was carried out on 30th April and at the moment we don’t have specific details of sales user behavior.