Category A07. Travel
Idea Creation PARTNERS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Ivo Purvis Partners Executive Creative Director
Pedro Lima Partners Creative Director
Filipa Vasconcelos Partners Account Director

Why is this work relevant for Media?

In this work, a single outdoor transformed the way Portugal is perceived as a surf destination. Just as surfers travel the world to find the perfect wave, we did the same to find the perfect outdoor. An 80 feet billboard on a 80 feet building to show and 80 feet wave. An unique billboard that made headlines across the world and positioned Portugal near Hawai and Bali in the top #3 surf destinations in the world according to Google


Portugal is becoming a leading tourism destination, and one of the best products it has to offer are it’s waves. But unlike other countries, famous for its waves, Portugal has a very limited budget. To promote Portugal worldwide as a leading surf destination we had to create something impactful. Something with the power to make headlines around the world especially in the US market. A priority growth market for Portugal tourism.

Describe the creative idea/insights

Portugal has the record for the biggest surfed wave in the world. To show the world a 80 feet wave, we created an outdoor ad with the wave in real size. An outdoor ad to show the world that in Portugal waves are the size of buildings.

Describe the strategy

To reach the maximum audience with a single outdoor we had to find unique location. And Times Square was the perfect spot. Not only had it had 80 feet buildings with 80 feet billboards, it also was near the biggest newsmedia HQ's worldwide. After the spot had been chosen we find the perfect timing to book the media space and create this unique billboard.

Describe the execution

Just as surfers travel the world to find the perfect wave, we did the same to find the perfect outdoor. It was in Times Square that we discovered a 80 feet billboard in a 80 feet building to show a 80 feet wave. To launch the outdoor ad we invited the 2 persons that surfed the biggest wave in the world. And for the first time a portuguese wave had crossed the Atlantic and hit NYC.

List the results

The billboard made headlines in televisions and print media worldwide, The biggest wave in the world just got bigger and bigger 2,5 million people watched the billboard go live on times square. and 8 millions saw this outdoor on social media With this campaign Portugal joins Hawai and Bali in the top #3 surf destination in the world according to Google