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Product/ServiceCSR EVENT
Category B04. Business Citizenship / Corporate Responsibility & Environmental
Additional Company BEN & JERRY'S Warsaw, POLAND
Name Company Position
Mikołaj Sadowski 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Chief Creative Officer
Martin Winther 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Creative Director
Pablo Dominguez Agregan 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Art Director
Mateusz Gaca 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Copywriter
Marek Kaleta 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Designer
Łukasz Deoniziak 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Experience Director
Jacek Karolak 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Strategy Director
Adam Kręgielewski 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Digital Strategist
Michał Kaliściak 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Community Manager
Magdalena Łukasiuk 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt PR Manager
Aleksandra Kobyłecka 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Junior PR Manager
Michał Murawski 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Digital Studio Director
Angelika Puczyńska 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Senior Account Executive
Marcin Gaworski 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Chief Executive Officer
Magdalena Kozanowska 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Managing Director
Martyna Kaczmarek Ben&Jerry's (Unilever) Brand Manager
Jan Wachowski 180hearbeats + Jung v Matt Motion Designer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

For Ben&Jerry's, a socially responsible company that supports LGBT communities for 40 years, we organised an unprecedented event of restoring the rainbow installation that aroused numerous controversies of right-wing and nationalist circles. The original one was set on fire and rebuilt seven times. This time we made it unbreakable - as a water-light hologram on the square in the centre of Warsaw. The number of publications has exceeded 65,600 and the majority are positive. The total reach of the publication is 47.5 million, and the number of love reactions in social media - 355k.


In 2012 a giant rainbow sculpture appeared in Saviour Square in Warsaw. It triggered hate among opponents of LGBT rights despite its joyful purpose. Set on fire and rebuilt seven times it raised nationwide controversies until it was removed permanently in 2015, only to become a tragic reminder of Poland’s homophobic issues. Ben & Jerry’s and NGO partners decided to reinstall it. This time as a water-light hologram, making it an unbreakable symbol of love.

Describe the creative idea

Poland is the 2nd most homophobic country in the EU. The goal of the event organized the day before the Equality Parade in Warsaw was to support the LGBT community and to increase interest in the subject of marital equality. Ben&Jerry's and NGOs strive to ensure an equal right to marry for everyone until 2025. We encouraged participants to share their support together with the photos taken under the unbreakable rainbow. The rainbow event’s tagline was Love is love - every love is equal and just as important. Similarly, the rainbow is simply a rainbow, not a tool of provocation or propaganda. We wanted the restored rainbow to be indestructible this time. In reference to previous arsons, we decided to use water to make it fireproof. This is how we came up with the idea of a hologram rainbow on a water curtain.

Describe the strategy

We aimed our event for LGBT supporters as well as Warsaw residents who miss the old rainbow installation. Moreover, we wanted to raise awareness for the equal marital rights for everyone. We used social media (fb and instagram) and PR for communication. We invited influencers, politicians and artists sympathetic to the LGBT community to participate. Despite a large number of people involved, the event had been kept secret until almost the last moment - we wanted to avoid the repercussions of national environments.

Describe the execution

In social media we informed about being a Partner of the Equality Parade, and in the week preceding the projection we teased the rainbow event, not revealing its form. The day before the screening, we organized a press breakfast for selected journalists to present the brand's cooperation with NGOs and present the design of the installation. On the day of the event, we published a public invitation in social media, reported live streaming and encouraged participants to share their photos. We have restored the rainbow in the original place and the original size. This time in an unbreakable version - as a water-light hologram. Ben&Jerry’s decided not to brand the rainbow. Throughout the evening, participants were treated to Ben&Jerry's ice cream though, but the cups had the logos of all the organizers of the event: Love Does Not Exclude Association, Parada Równosci (Equality Parade) Foundation and Ben&Jerry's.

List the results

The return of the rainbow was reported not only by local media, but also by international ones, among others: The Washington Post, The Telegraph, China Post, The Guardian, Campaign, Attitude,, Metro UK, Fox News, MS NBC. British actor and comedian James Corden and German deputy to European Parliament Terry Reintke also mentioned it in their social media. The discussion about equal martial rights flared up, Wysokie Obcasy, a weekly influential magazine broadcasted an issue with NGOs’ and brand’s representatives on its rainbow cover. The number of publications in the media and social networks has exceeded 65,600 (most of them are posts by individual users in social media) and the majority are positive. The total reach of the publication is 47.5 million, and the number of love reactions in social media - 355k.