Category B01. Corporate Image, Communication & Reputation Management
Entrant THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Production STINK Berlin, GERMANY
Production 2 NOT A MACHINE Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 3 FX MIX Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum thjnk AG Chief Creative Officer
Gerrit Zinke thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director Creation
Michael Ohanian thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director Creation
Gerrit Zinke thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director Creation
Andreas Wagner thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director Art
Michel Foertsch thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director Copy
Bronco Wewer thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Art
Henning Kortmann thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Junior Copy
Julia Koop thjnk AG Producer Senior
Nacho Gayán Stink GmbH Director
Dimitri Karakatsanis Freelance Director of Photography

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The film „Doors“ is no advertising film in the classical sense, but a statement on an important social issue in Saudi Arabia. Audi does not put its brand in the focus, but history as it has just been written – or in this case: driven. It was released the same day, as a new milestone of women equality was set.


June 24th 2018 was a historical date: from this day on, women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were finally allowed to obtain their driver’s license and drive cars. Audi wanted to celebrate this date and congratulated all female drivers on even another step towards more independence. And so we welcomed them to the driver’s seat.

Describe the creative idea

The film „Doors“ stages the new possibilities in the life of a woman in a charming way: we see a married modern Saudi couple and experience how this new equal role applies in everyday life. As they walk out of a building and see, how the husband opens all doors for her, we show in a respectful and subtle way, how the roles are turned around – and our female protagonist opens the passenger’s door for her husband. Then she enjoys her new freedom and speeds off in an Audi. And on to future explorations.

Describe the strategy

As the day of the 24th June 2018 arrived , Audi has accessed a whole new target group: all the women of Saudi Arabia, who now were not just allowed to drive, but of course also allowed to buy a car. We involved the owned channels of Audi on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to reach the whole (female) Middle East. Even the first ever cinema in Riyadh showed the film.

Describe the execution

Audi’s aim was to stage the new obtained women’s rights in a smart and respectful way. Backed up by suitably music featuring Arabic sound patterns the camera focuses on the moments of opening doors. We witness a change as the women starts to become active and starts to open her own doors. Together with the director we created a film in only one shooting day – and helped to open new doors, in metaphorical and in literal ways.

List the results

Shortly after “Doors” went live, it reached millions of clicks and lead to thousands of positive comments in the social networks. It was well received all over the world, but especially the Arab press was excited about this case. “Doors” became part of a huge historical moment in Middle East history and empowered the women to celebrate their new freedom.