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Idea Creation MSL THE PRACTICE Bucharest, ROMANIA
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Name Company Position
Monica Jitariuc MSL The Practice Managing Director
Oana Bulexa MSL The Practice Managing Director
Anca Oae MSL The Practice Head of Experience & Events
Oana-Andreea Logigan MSL The Practice PR Director
Mara Balaban MSL The Practice PR Specialist
Simona Iliescu MedLife Marketing Manager
Ina Badarau MedLife Public Relations Manager
Diana Grosu MedLife Marketing Specialist
Alis Lupu MedLife PR Specialist
Alexandru Vladu MedLife Digital Marketing Specialist
Andreea Laca MedLife PR Specialist
Mariana Ursoi MedLife Customer Analyst
Dr. Dan Șuiaga MedLife Neurosurgeon
Dr. Caliopia Gavril – Parfene MedLife Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist
Dr. Alexandrina Tatu MedLife Cardiologist
Dr. Florina Pinte MedLife Cardiologist
Dr. Bogdan Marcel MedLife Surgeon

Why is this work relevant for PR?

There is a famous saying in our office whenever we meet a hurdle in our daily work: “we’ll find a solution, it’s not like we’re doing brain surgery”. This project gave us the possibility to say that yes, we, the PR team, are also “doing” brain surgery. How to use technology to establish a national breakthrough in health? By broadcasting a brain surgery, LIVE in 360-degree VR. Our 3-hour live surgery reached over 12 million people. Every emotion, stress and worry that something might go wrong, were amplified by the fact that a patient was lying on the surgery table.


With a very granulated market with players offering similar services, MedLife had to prove its leader position in using cutting-edge medical technology. It all started with the Tomorrow’s Technology communication concept, inspired from the Hippocratic Oath, but with a new age twist: a promise from the doctors to use the best available technology „to see better and clearer” for a cure. We had to build momentum. Bearing this in mind, and the impressive evolution of the medical technology and equipment, we received the challenge to propose a communication plan in supporting the campaign manifesto – an oath to use the power of technology in everyday medical work, which transformed doctors in supradoctors. Objectives Generate a boost in the visibility of the campaign in online media Generate conversation around how important modern medical technology is today Successfully combine a technical communication with emotion Generate the association between brand and high-end technology

Describe the creative idea

Romanians distrust the medical act and see it mostly as a lucky draw for the patient. Our idea was to show the story as it is: a symbiosis between the doctor, patient and technology. That’s why we decided to open the doors of the surgery room for everyone who has the curiosity to see and understand how this symbiosis works. How? By using top-notch video technology in showing how the technology used in medical procedures actually works. With the help of emerging and immersive technology (VR) we developed a three-legged communication campaign centered on the doctors, the technology and the stories behind the closed doors of a surgery room. With the first LIVE 360 VR brain surgery in SEE we got Romanians inside the surgery room and showed them that Medlife doesn’t gamble with people’s lives, on the contrary uses the best technologies to help them.

Describe the strategy

We USED innovative technology to SHOW how technology actually WORKS for MedLife. So, it was natural to use the VR. Targets: MedLife employees - 2000 doctors & assistants Clients: B2C: Subscribers: Individuals who have health subscriptions Non-subscribers B2B | legal entities - companies that offer employee health subscriptions Media: print & online publications, TV, radio, influencers, bloggers in the areas General, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Technology, Media & Advertising. While researching on medical technology, we learned that there brand image communication is on a rise, and that technology was rarely used in communication, especially because of the ridged communication it entitled. Then, we analyzed the trending healthcare topics and users’ reactions on MedLife Facebook page on technology related content. VR, AR, AI are the most discussed trends that will change the healthcare system forever. We understood that if we want to talk about tomorrow, we must have tomorrow’s technology in our strategy.

Describe the execution

We sent a 360 invitation, driving curiosity about the event. Then, on November 28th, 2017, we were set-up for the first surgery LIVE in 360-degree VR in SEE. Our communication priorities: Internal communication, Visual storytelling, Teasing Invitation, FB & YT Live video, Launch event. The tools: Press releases, 360 Video Invitation, Infographics, Media Pitching, Exclusive content, Contextual OOH during the live surgery, internal memo for employess & corporate clients. Challenges: Facebook transmission failed 3 times. We had to repost the link to the LIVE transmission each time. The surgeon knew that the patient only had one tumor. During the surgery, he found two tumors. The risks immediately increased, the emotions were above the limit and the worries that something wrong might happen were all over our minds. Finally, everything was amazing. 12 million people experienced the same emotions and

List the results

’Historical moment in Romanian Medicine” – this was the intro of one of the leading TV stations in Romania presenting this project. National media massively covered the story, both TV, radio, print & online; nonetheless, the buzz in social media was matching the traditional media, with more than 100k live views of the entire 3 hours broadcast. 100,000 views in 3h 12 million reach in just 24h 95% stories linked MedLife with cutting-edge medical technology 100% positive media sentiment Raising MedLife way above competitors in terms of professionalism and medical technology 91% of the articles mentioned the brand