Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Production PINK OAK Berlin, GERMANY
Production 2 FILM DELUXE Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company DR. ING. H.C. F. PORSCHE Stuttgart, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz & Partner CCO
Jonas Keller Grabarz & Partner Group CD
Ralf Nolting Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Felix Hoffmann Grabarz & Partner Art Director
Oliver Weber Grabarz & Partner Copywriter
Julica Hauke Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Sarah Steffan Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Jana Schüler Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Katja Czok Freelancer Agency Producer
Robert Ader Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Head of Marketing Communications
Deniz Keskin Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Director Brand Management
Pink Oak Pink Oak Film Production
Juri Maric Pink Oak Producer
Kalle Klein Pink Oak DOP
Film Deluxe Film Deluxe Post Production
Jan Hartmann Film Deluxe Telecine
Nicole Tietze Film Deluxe Editor
Chimney Berlin Chimney Berlin Sound Studio
Julian Holzapfel Chimney Berlin Sound Engineer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

With a simple trick, we showed the public that there’s always more than meets the eye – even when it comes to an arguably masculine brand like Porsche.


Porsche is a world-renowned sports car manufacturer. What they’re associated with? Masculinity, testosterone, manliness. However, Porsche doesn’t necessarily see itself that way. In fact, they never made a difference between genders and asked us to promote their equality policy.

Describe the creative idea

To show the world that women have always been a part of Porsche, on International Women’s Day we partially turned off the lettering above the Porsche Centre in Leipzig, Germany. For the day it only read “SHE”.

Describe the strategy

Our target group consisted mostly of Porsche fans all over the world – male and female. To address them directly and give them the opportunity to react, we used Porsche’s Social Media channels as our medium of choice. For that, we documented the stunt in a short video and posted it on Porsche’s Instagram and Facebook page.

Describe the execution

The post went live on International Women’s Day 2018. Soon after it’s upload, it drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, the media, shows and newspapers all over the world – and sparked a long overdue conversation.

List the results

“SHE” gained over 4,1 Mio impressions, 150.000 reactions, 18.000 shares and 10.000 comments. That’s not only a 4.000% response increase to usual posts, it also reached three times more women than normal – and got 75% positive feedback from the community. Further, it achieved all that without money spend in media or seeding.

Dreamy and slightly surreal, Ice Skaters for Ikea from CZAR Brussels

Ice Skaters shows the dreamy and slightly surreal spectacle of a middle aged couple spinning and gliding on the polished wood floors of an elegant, high-ceilinged apartment in their socks. With the tagline 'Bring life into your living room' it is a beautifully crafted advert creating a warm, nostalgic mood for the brand, Ikea. It won Bronze at Eurobest in 2018 for production company CZAR Brussels. Director, Joe Vanhoutteghem and producer, Lander Engels talk to Eurobest about the experience of creating the work. 

How do you make an idea work when your entire media budget is pulled, a week before launch?

The team at Marvelous Moscow have the answer. CCO, Artem Sinyavskiy shares the story of how their work for Skylink, 'The 1 MB Campaign', went on to win Bronze at Eurobest in 2017, despite the media budget being pulled a week before the launch of the campaign.

The gin, the city, the song and the search for the special colour of Seville

PS21 Madrid, the creative transformation company set up by founder of creative agency dommo Agustín Vivancos, was in its first year when the team began work on Searching for the Special Colour of Seville. It was a piece of work that would not only go on to win the agency’s first major award, Bronze in Creative Data at Eurobest in 2018, but would also become part of Seville’s cultural heritage. We hear how the idea came to life from Strategy Director, Sergio Garcia and Executive Creative Director, Victor Blanco.

Final Entry Deadline: 22 October

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