2018 Print & Publishing


Product/ServiceTEXA RCCS
Category A05. Automotive
Entrant TEXA Monastier di Treviso, ITALY
Idea Creation TEXA Monastier di Treviso, ITALY
Name Company Position
Stefano Perenzin TEXA S.p.A Graphic Department Manager
Claudio Pavanello TEXA S.p.A Managing Creative Director
Silvia Pizzi TEXA S.p.A Graphic Designer
Alberto Rigato TEXA S.p.A Senior Copywriter
Ilenia Schiavon P. Pallino & Co. Graphic Designer

Cultural/Context information for the jury

How to communicate appropriately and in a non-obvious way a B2B product dedicated to the workshop mechanics? Our idea has been inspired by an evocative image, which has become a real icon over time: the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album, in which the four boys of Liverpool cross the street of the same name in front of their London recording studio. An image that is part of the collective imagination, thanks to its endless graphic reworkings, so that every year tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world go to Abbey Road to be immortalized while crossing the crosswalks, to the point that The area has been declared a national monument by the British government.


The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are now standard equipment on most new vehicles. Autonomous emergency braking, speed control, lane keeping, pedestrian and road sign detection, automatic parking - just to mention a few - ensure unprecedented levels of road safety. Therefore, it is essential for repair professionals to have an impeccable tool to operate on these delicate, sophisticated systems: improper maintenance may seriously jeopardise vehicle reliability and expose technicians to legal consequences. Used in combination with TEXA’s IDC5 diagnostic software, the new RCCS (Radar and Camera Calibration System) is a complete, modular multi-brand system that can operate on these active safety technologies extremely easily and effectively, restoring proper operation with the peace of mind that any work is carried out professionally.