2018 Print & Publishing


Gold Eurobest

Demo Film

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Category B02. Innovative Use of Print
Entrant McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation McCANN SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Media Placement HAVAS MEDIA Barcelona, SPAIN
Production CRAFT Madrid, SPAIN
Production 2 CRAFT Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Mónica Moro McCann Spain Chief Creative Officer
Marta Llucia McCann Spain General Creative Director
Jon Lavín, Raquel Martínez, Maite Carrillo McCann Spain Executive Creative Directors
Fernando Cerezo, Jaume Rufach, Eduard Cubel McCann Spain Creative Directors
Mónica Moro, Jon Lavín McCann Spain Copywriters
Fernando Cerezo, Max Gener McCann Spain Art Directors
Eva Soler, Kelya Rodríguez McCann Spain Account Team
Raquel Aguinaga Craft WW Audiovisual Producer
Sara Cuadrado Craft WW Print Producer
Pere Pascual Craft WW DOP

Cultural/Context information for the jury

This campaign uses the press in a new way to refresh a media that many advertisers consider not innovative at all, showing that press is more alive than ever and, also, that there are fresh products at Aldi Supermarkets, something most people didn’t know. Coordinated with the newspapers, they gave us their breaking news just before the close of the presses and we used something that seems exclusive to digital: real time. At 7:00h, over 1M newspapers were on sale with our fresh products wrapped in the same page that´s in the left.