Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation GTB London, UNITED KINGDOM
Idea Creation 2 OGILVY Athens, GREECE
Name Company Position
Julian Watt GTB London Chief Creative Officer
Lazaros Nikiforidis GTB London Executive Creative Director
Yiannis Sideris Ogilvy Greece Executive Creative Director
Alexander Smith GTB London Copywriter
Rebecca Salmona Ogilvy Greece Business Unit Director
Zoe Parkinson GTB London Account Executive
Ada Molfessis Foss Production Sound Producer
Yiannis Barboutis Foss Production Sound Editor
James Benn Bark Soho Sound Designer

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

This campaign takes a look into the evolution of humanity and technology. Through a narrator, we discover how we would need to evolve to have the features of other animals and fish in an attempt to better humanity. Surely it would be nice to develop capabilities only other species have. Unfortunately, these evolutions might not always come with just the benefits. As the stories unfold we see how they come at a serious price that will end up ruining a part of your life forever and leaving you wishing you never evolved. Fortunately, with our technologies constantly evolving, humanity doesn't have to. Note to jury: For judging purposes please consider the English language versions attached in our entry materials.


Pufferfish stomach. To reduce impact to your body. Your stomach would have to evolve to expand to distribute pressure. The same as a pufferfish. SFX: Bubbles. Imagine that. No matter how busy the commute, expanding your stomach to look pregnant, will guarantee you that seat. SFX: Busy train. SFX Sitting down. Need a table on the go? Simply inflate your stomach. SFX: Inflating, cutlery sounds.However, one day. SFX: Busy crowd sounds begin and continue. Just as you’re about to give what you can only describe as the most touching maid of honor speech of all time. SFX: chinking of glass.And you take a deep breath to calm your nerves. SFX: Deep breath You'll suddenly realise.That deep breath may have been too deep. And your pufferfish stomach is now expanding far too quickly to stop.Knocking over the bridal table was a bad start. SFX: Table knocked over, glasses and plates breaking, crowd reaction. But ruining both yours and the bride’s dresses. Was the icing on the cake.Which you also. SFX: Cake splatting on floor, crowd annoyed. Knocked over. Leaving you knowing you will probably never be invited to a friend’s wedding again.All because you’ve evolved to have. All SFX end. A pufferfish stomach. Thankfully the Rear-inflatable seatbelts in the Ford Mondeo have evolved to expand and distribute pressure on impact.So your stomach doesn’t have to.