Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation GTB London, UNITED KINGDOM
Idea Creation 2 OGILVY Athens, GREECE
Name Company Position
Julian Watt GTB London Chief Creative Officer
Lazaros Nikiforidis GTB London Executive Creative Director
Yiannis Sideris Ogilvy Greece Executive Creative Director
Alexander Smith GTB London Copywriter
Rebecca Salmona Ogilvy Greece Business Unit Director
Zoe Parkinson GTB London Account Executive
Ada Molfessis Foss Production Sound Producer
Yiannis Barboutis Foss Production Sound Editor
James Benn Bark Soho Sound Designer

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

This campaign takes a look into the evolution of humanity and technology. Through a narrator, we discover how we would need to evolve to have the features of other animals and fish in an attempt to better humanity. Surely it would be nice to develop capabilities only other species have. Unfortunately, these evolutions might not always come with just the benefits. As the stories unfold we see how they come at a serious price that will end up ruining a part of your life forever and leaving you wishing you never evolved. Fortunately, with our technologies constantly evolving, humanity doesn't have to. Note to jury: For judging purposes please consider the English language versions attached in our entry materials.


Goat eyes. To increase your field of vision. Your eyes would have to evolve to have elongated pupils.The same as a goat. SFX: Goat bleating in a field. Imagine having goat eyes.Being able to watch a show about a queen and another about a dragon queen at the same, will take your binge watching to the next level. SFX: Dragon breathing fire. Simply replying of course. Every time someone says OMG did you see that? Utter satisfaction. And yes being the world champion in spot the difference is better than not being a world champion at all. SFX: Single slow awkward clap. However, one day as you gaze deeply into the goat eyes of your loved one. SFX: Coffee shop sounds begin and continue. Just as you’re about to tell them what lovely goat eyes they have. A sudden realisation will flood over you. SFX: Cash register ding. You never actually know if those goat eyes are gazing lovingly back at you. Or at that handsome barista, who tells everyone about the screenplay he’s working on. SFX: Nervous breathing. And now you can’t stop thinking and asking. Is she gazing lovingly into your goat eyes, or his. SFX: Steam from coffee machine. Leaving you never feeling 100% secure in your relationship again. All because you’ve evolved to have. All SFX end. Goat eyes. Thankfully the Front Wide-View Camera in the Ford Edge has evolved to give you an increased field of vision.So your eyes don’t have to.