Short List
Product/ServiceA SMART CAR
Category A05. Automotive
Idea Creation BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Production SONICVILLE Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Arnaud Pitz BBDO Belgium Creative Director
Sebastien De Valck BBDO Belgium Creative Director
Jasper Verleije BBDO Belgium Art Director
Sarah Huysmans BBDO Belgium Copywriter
Wouter Van den Herrewegen BBDO Belgium Strategic Planner
Diane Vandebroek BBDO Belgium Account Director
Melissa Fastenaekels BBDO Belgium Account Manager
Roel Sweron BBDO Belgium Account Executive
Nicolas Van Poeck BBDO Belgium Radio Producer
Sonicville Sonicville Radio Production Company

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert

In this radio commercial we hear a couple going out for dinner in the city center. The entire 5 minutes 13 second of their frustrating quest for a parking spot. This also happens to be the average time Belgians spend trying to find a parking spot in the city.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

According to scientific research, 7 out of 10 cars in Belgian city centers are trying to find a parking spot. The average time these drivers spend looking for parking is 5 minutes and 13 seconds.


Sfx: a driving car Her: It’s nice to go out for dinner with Bart and Eve … Him: Ah yeah! Sfx: a driving car Him: What time is the table booking for?? Her: 8 o’clock Him: Oh good. … Sfx: a driving car Her: Oh look, here we are! It’s that little restaurant there. The one with the yellow sign. Him: Great, parking right by the door! Her: Nice. Him: Awesome. SFX beep beep beep beeeeeep Him: Shit, doesn’t look like I’m gonna fit in … Damn! Sfx: car driving away Him: Ha, here! Her: Sweetheart, I think that’s a handicapped spot… Him: Hmm, I’ve got you with me, right?? Her: Ha. Ha. Very funny. Keep on driving. SFX auto Her: There. Isn’t that a spot? Him: No non no. That’s a gate. Her: But look, everyone else is parked in front of it? He: No, they are welcome to do so. I don’t want to get towed. Her: Yeah, I don’t know… It’s the weekend. Don’t you think that… Him: Babe, please. Her: Okay. SFX: car leaving Him: Hey, maybe we should give them a quick call. To let them know we’re around the corner? Her: Allright. SFX: taking smartphone + typing in number + calling Her: Hi, it’s me! So, we’re almost there. Him: Sorry! Her: We’re just still trying to find a parking spot. Him: We won’ be long! Her: You guys should go ahead and order a drink, okay? … Her: Okay, see you shortly! Bye! SFX: car driving SFX: typing on smartphone Him: What are you doing? Her: Just checking out the menu. SFX car driving Him: Do they have anything like uhm… Pad Thai? Her: Uhm, let’s see. … Not as such, but they’ve got all these wok dishes. AND you can choose what you want, like chicken, shrimp … Him: HEY YES! There is a spot right there. Her: Aaahah! SFX Car braking Him: Hey, idiot!!!! Why don’t you just cut me off and take my spot, why don’t you?! Her: Easy! Him: DICKHEAD! Her: Shh! Him: What? Did you see that?? Her: Unbelievable I know. But you can’t shout at people like that! Come on, let’s just keep on driving. SFX: Driving on Her: Oh look, somebody’s leaving there! Him: Aha! Her: Ah finally. Okay. Right. Him: Great. SFX: indicator (sound is on for a long time) Her: Okay, got everything we need? … Is she actually leaving? Him: Ask her if she’s leaving. SFX: Car window opens. Her (shouting): Excuse me, miss, excuse me! Are you leaving? Yes?? No? Okay. - They’re not leaving. - Thank you! Him: (Sighs) Her: Oh bugger. SFX: car leaves again SFX: Phone ringing Him: Who’s that? Her: They’re probably calling to ask where the hell we are … SFX: Answering call Her: Yeah, we’re on our way! Him: Sorry, I’m … Her: It’s okay. We just can’t seem to find a parking place, you know, Saturday night. Look maybe you should go ahead and order Him: (whispering) No! Her: (whispering) Hunny, they’re hungry… Her: No, no, seriously, go ahead, go for it. Just do me a favour and ask them if they have anything gluten free? And also without any soy sauce. Great! Look, we’ll be another… two minutes. Five minutes max. Him: We won’t be long. We promise! Her: Just take another drink, and this one’s on us! Him: Yes, sorry. Have a drink on us! Her: See you soon! Bye! SFX: car driving Him: Listen, I’ll tell you what. How about we just drive back, grab a cab … Her: Drive back where? Him: Back home! Grab a cab. Her: Home?! Sweetheart, why would be driving home. We’re already in the neighbourhood?? Him: Okay… Her: That’s crazy, just hang on. Him: I’ve had enough of this. Her: Wait wait wait! Isn’t that? That’s a spot right there! Him: No no, there’s a sign that says you can’t park here. Her: Today and at this hour? Him: Go have a look … Her: Okay. SFX: door opens She comes back Him: Well? Her: It says from the 4th to the 6th from 8 o’clock at night. Him: Yeah. Get back in the car. It’s already the 5th and it’s nearly 8. Her: (sighs) Him: You know, I’ve had enough. Let’s forget it. Her: Sweety… Him I don’t even want to go out anymore. I’m driving back home. Her: Oh come on. Just calm… Him: I don’t wanna go out! Her: Oh we just drive back home then, yeah why don’t you. Let’s just do that. And wait another year till we have dinner with Bart and Eve. Hardly. Come on, just calm down for a second and… five more minutes. Guaranteed, we’ll find a spot. Come on. Just think how lovely it will be. SFX: car driving Her: Those people there. Look, they are walking back to their car! Him: That’d be great. Her: Wait, just drive slowly behind them for a bit. Him: Come on. SFX: car driving slowly Him: Oh my, where are these guys walking to?? Her: Excuse me! Are you leaving? Yes?! Him/her: OOOOOW yes! Him/her: Thank you! Finally. SFX: car stationary SFX: parking censors + break Him: Right, now don’t leave anything behind. Her: No no. Oh my god, I’m hungry. SFX: door closes + sound of car locking. Him: Okay and now? Her: Google says it’s a 25 minutes’ walk from here. Him: You’re kidding. VO: 5 minutes and 13 seconds… That’s the average time you lose trying to find a parking space in the city. With a smart, you’re immediately parked. Go to your smart or Mercedes-Benz dealer or find us at smart.com