2021 Social & Influencer


Bronze Eurobest Award

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Category B04. Innovative Use of Community
Entrant UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Camilla Andersen Uncle Grey Copywriter
Kasper Andkjær Uncle Grey Digital Director
Hans Augustenborg Uncle Grey Creative
Regitze Borgaard Uncle Grey Account Manager
Magnus Breum Uncle Grey Associate Creative Director
Newsha Dalman Uncle Grey Strategist
Marie Elbæk Uncle Grey PR Co-ordinator
Linea Fabricius Uncle Grey Designer
Jesper Hellvik Uncle Grey Editor
Andreas Hoff Uncle Grey Associate Creative Director
Cecilie Jelstrup Larsen Uncle Grey Creative
Rasmus Lind Uncle Grey Photographer
Valdemar Mühlhausen Uncle Grey Digital Strategist
Charlotte Porsager Uncle Grey Chief Operating Officer
Lars Samuelsen Uncle Grey Executive Creative Director
Johan Thrane Uncle Grey Digital Strategist
Gustav Thuesen Uncle Grey Account Manager
Marcus Voldum Uncle Grey Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

”We’ve never seen anything like this before” That’s how Facebook responded to the campaign which was executed entirely on Facebook using the comment functionality. Here Burger King could reply to the community at McDonald's page - with personalised messages creating direct social interaction. This loophole gave us the opportunity to offer our service and product directly to McDonald's Denmark's customers, activating a new community straight from the sacred halls of their most prominent social platform. Using the simplest of social tools, the commentary box, we created an online activation that drove customers directly from Facebook to our physical restaurants.


In recent years, Burger King Denmark has initiated a wide range of improvements to better the customer experience. From made-to-order Whoppers, to fresher ingredients, to new and improved restaurants and of course, a better customer service. The brief was to change the perception of Burger King’s online customer service and drive new customers to the restaurants to try the Whopper. Objectives Promote Burger Kings online customer service Increase customer service as a core Burger King attribute Get McDonalds customers to sample the Whopper We made a deep sweep of fast food brands social channels to understand past customer interactions and how to improve them in the future, which paved the way for “The Whopper Reply”.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Burger King Denmark took over McDonald's customer service on Facebook. With a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice we helped McDonald’s provide some long-lost customer service to more than 1100 neglected Facebook posts. With “The Whopper Reply” we helped McD get back to disgruntled online comments and complaints with more than just an answer; every reply included a voucher for a free flame grilled Whopper that McCustomers could pick up at the nearest BK. To make each voucher personal, we developed a digital tool that applied the first name of every individual to all the links we shared, thus linking every reply with a personal greeting when people arrived at the voucher page. This way we created thousands of unique URL's to make the experience even more personal and social.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To make an impactful message about Burger King's ambition to elevate customer service, we went deep into data gathering in order to find the right approach for a campaign. Our research proved that burger lovers were left hanging on McDonald’s Denmark’s Facebook page and local restaurant-pages - and discovered that only about 10% of the comments and complaints had been answered. Neglecting a highly engaged audience on social channels was our opportunity – and our approach was too help. Not just our own customers but McDonald's too, as the target audience is pretty much the same. We replied to every individual with a free burger, proving our knack for customer service with a clear CTA to sample our hero product, the Whopper.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

After months of confidential planning, we gathered a team of 15 copywriters to write as many funny and unique replies as possible over the course of one night to make sure that every online community manager from McDonald's were sleeping and wouldn’t block Burger King’s profile. We wrote more than 1100 unique responses on McDonald’s Denmark’s Facebook page as well as over 30 local pages stretching more than 8 years back in time. At 8AM we launched a film about the project that we edited overnight and tagged McDonald’s saying “we’re here for you” as a last comment on the stunt we just pulled and our main piece of evidence that created PR for the activation. Fans of McD woke up to long-awaited replies on comments they had made – and free Whoppers as a reparation. The reactions were beyond positive.

List the results (30% of vote)

• Reach 248 million impressions worldwide. • Engagement Consumer reactions: 80% of the online reactions were positive towards the initiative. • Claimed vouchers: 93% of all vouchers got claimed in the restaurants. • Influencers: Micro-influencers distributed the campaign with an engagement rate of 8,6%.
 • PR: Over 100 news articles both national and global. 95% of them were positive. • Achievement against service level on social media: Burger King went from a disadvantage to at tie in the battle of the burgers: BK up with 10,19%, McD down with 16,37% • Preference towards Burger King against McDonald's: The campaign tips the scales in Burger King's favour. Increasing intent significantly: BK up with 4,62%, McD down with 9,12% • The target audience say: Perception of great customer service in relation to BK went up 110% • Preference to visit Burger King instead of McDonald's went up 43% across the entire country.