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Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

We collaborated with influencers to lead entertaining lessons that busted shame-inducing myths and set examples for confidently talking about taboo body parts. This campaign was created specifically for social and created using influencers. The platform we used was chosen based on where our target audience of 16 to 25 year olds can be found – TikTok. We worked with TikTok influencers whose vision aligned to our own – ones that we knew could reach our audience, build trust and drive engagement. We chose them because they already had their own following and were well-known for creating original and engaging content.


Many taboos have been lifted since Canesten came onto Brazilian market 50 years ago. But openly discussing the topic of women’s intimate health isn’t one of them. And the root of this problem is a lack of education. Canesten challenged us to create and roll out a new global brand purpose: to help women to set themselves free from the shame and discomfort caused by intimate infections. Our objective? To firmly establish this mindset within the next generation of first-time sufferers. Enter Intensivão da PPK (or Vagina High), the shame-free school on TikTok that comes with a curriculum covering all the ins and outs of vagina health. And our teachers? An all-star cast of TikTok creators (and masters in the field of intimate health), ready to bring out the facts about our brilliant bodies.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

The root of shame around vaginas is lack of education. In Brazil, cultural taboos are preventing women from speaking or learning about their bodies. But with access to the right role models, taboos can be broken. We wanted to give young people the opportunity to receive a scientifically-backed education within the privacy of their phones, with well-known Brazilian influencers as teachers and on the boldest platform out there: TikTok. In a series of influencer-led videos, Intensivão da PPK helped young people learn the truth about their vaginas and how to help them stay healthy. The school’s curriculum covered all the ins and outs of intimate health, with topics tailored to the unique cultural landscape of Brazil. Each of our TikToker teachers is a master in their field, talking about everything from the internal workings of the vagina, to cultural perceptions and their effects.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Vagina health is a taboo topic in Brazil – our research found that 1 in 4 Brazilian women are ashamed of saying ‘vagina’. With the government now targeting young people with a message of abstinence, this poses huge issues for understanding vagina health and getting treatment. So, to tackle a culturally deep-rooted situation where even teachers and parents avoid the subject of vaginas, we used influencers who were happy to shout about it. We built our school on TikTok, the platform where our target audience, aged 16 to 25, hang out the most – 57% of TikTok users in Brazil are females aged 13 to 24 and use it for about 60 minutes per day. Our influencers were hand-picked based on what they stand for on the platform, from their attitude and their follower types to the way they deliver information – the more entertaining the better.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Throughout the campaign, we focused on using market-specific influencers in different, interesting ways. In our school of intimate health, students enroll, have lessons, share notes and take an exam but unlike a real school, famous TikTokers are the teachers. Our nine interactive lessons (covering everything from clothing that upsets your vagina PH to the perception of ‘normal’ vaginas), and final exam were led by headteacher and pelvic physiotherapist Claudia Milan, body positive advocate Hana Khalil and psychologist and comedian Pequena Lo. They are all credible experts in their field – and bold, engaging and fun. Our cohort of example students were young, well-known faces on TikTok – followed for being outspoken and confident. They shared their notes in a call-to-arms for followers to learn alongside them. Intensivão da PPK was launched on TikTok in Brazil in February 2021 and ran for five weeks.

List the results (30% of vote)

Since its launch, the Intensivão da PPK TikTok channel has driven: 43M video views 210K TikTok channel subscribers (equivalent to filling 17K real-world sized classrooms) 1 de-censorship of the word ‘vagina’ on TikTok (vagina health is now a welcomed topic on TikTok – a world-first – after we appealed and won ‘vagina’ de-censorship) Our paid media drove the following results: TopView video had 21.13 seconds average watch time per person (almost double the TikTok Brazil benchmark range of 11.24-14.24s) Click-through rate of 19% (vs. TikTok Brazil benchmark of 17.5-18.1%) Uplift in positive brand perception, with an increase of 5.2% of people rating Canesten’s contribution to helping reduce intimate health taboos as ‘High’ Thanks to the success of Intensivão da PPK in Brazil, Vagina High is rolling out in many other markets.