2021 Social & Influencer


Category A06. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
Idea Creation LDV UNITED Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Dennis Vandewalle LDV United Creative Director
Dries De bruyn LDV United Creative Director
Julie Vanderbeck LDV United Art Director
Matthew Lootens LDV United Copywriter

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

Stop Colon Cancer had 1 mission:letting people know that they have to do a stool test once they turn 50. A challenging mission,since this non-profit organization had a budget close to €0 to spread their message.That’s why we used someone who turned 50 years old himself as a platform. For this ambitious awareness-raising stunt,we used of the most influential people in the world: Elon Musk. Musk is very active on social media (Twitter,LinkedIn), so he was perfect for this out-of-this-world campaign. In addition to Twitter, FB, IG, LinkedIn and a whole army of influencers were also used to reach him.


Not many people know about this, but turning 50 years old increases the risk of developing colon cancer. Therefore it’s to do a stool test every year. It can, and in many cases does, literally save your life. Unfortunately, not enough people are aware that you need to do a stool test at such a relatively young age. So more awareness was needed. That’s why Stop Colon Cancer (Belgium’s most famous non-profit organization in terms of colon cancer) came up with an ambitious stunt: using someone famous who just turned 50 himself, and his millions of followers, as a platform to spread our message. That someone was one of the most influential people in the world (and by extension, universe): Elon Musk, who turned 50 himself this year.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Once you turn 50, the risk of developing colon cancer increases and you have to do a stool test every year. Because many people do not know this, Stop Colon Cancer provides an ambitious awareness-raising stunt, involving someone who has lots of followers: Elon Musk. Anyone who knows Musk knows that his life mission is to live on Mars. We want to make sure he can take his stool test anytime, even when he moves to this planet. And that is why we provided an appropriate gift on its 50th birthday: an actual piece of land on Mars (called 'Elon's Toilet') on which he can set up his own toilet. Of course: with an official certificate, which was sent to him, along with some stool tests. We shared the news via a personal tweet that linked to elonstoilet.com: an online open letter that he can discover

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Colon cancer is still one of the most deadly cancers in the world. The average 5-year survival rate is only 63%. However, when detected in an early, localized stage (stage 1), the cure rate is 91%. In Belgium, people above 45 should perform an annual, free stool test from the government. While the dangers of cancer are strongly embedded within our society, limited awareness and low health literacy lead to underestimation of the personal risks and the need for screening. The result: we often forget to take the test. Stop Colon Cancer is on a mission to encourage people to perform the test and remind them that 45 is a designated starting point for screening. In order to promote this behavior, we appeal to the human biases of ‘Authority’ (through Prof. dr. Luc Colemont, MD, PhD) and ‘Social Influence’ (through celebrity endorsement).

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

In order to share our story in a unique way, we made an interactive open letter, a website called www.elonstoilet.com. On this immersive website, the story can be discovered by scrolling up, starting on planet Earth, going all the way up to Mars. This website narrated our story and call in a playful way, with Elon Musk and -most importantly- everyone who turned 50. We shared this website with Elon on his birthday. This resulted in an explosion of retweets, all containing that one main message: do the test. Lots of influencers where used to help sharing our story.

List the results (30% of vote)

After sharing our Tweet to mister Musk, media (national news, radio, newspapers) immediately picked up on our stunt and international media followed. The reach of Stop Colon Cancer skyrocketed with 180% whereas the engagement rate increased with 220%. The initial tweet got more than 100.000 impressions. Excellent results, especially considering the media budget: €0. And our biggest result? The fact that a gift to one man became a gift to everyone who turned 50.