2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A07. Travel
Idea Creation EFABRIKA Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Deniz Leventoğlu Efabrika Business Director
Cemre Okcu Efabrika Project Manager
Duygu Leventoğlu Efabrika UX Designer
Aybüke Mehralioglu Efabrika Copywriter
Serhat Özirik Efabrika Creative Director
Mahamat Sartbaev Efabrika Frontend Developer
Ferhat Gündogdu Efabrika UI & Motion Graphic Designer
Mehmet Korkmaz Efabrika Backend Developer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Turkish Airlines Flight Tracker application is an installed on an in-store interactive touchscreen. This screen is located on Turkish Airlines Taksim Sales Office in Istanbul. Taksim Sales Office is visited by hundreds of people from all over the world each day. The people who are visiting this place have the chance to experience this unique application while they are waiting in the line for ticket sales. The customers can track the real-time flights, look for the destinations that Turkish Airlines fly to and find out about the current ticket sale offers by using this application.


When Turkish Airlines was redesigning their sales office concept, they asked us to create an application aiming to enriching in-store experience. They also wanted this application to be a reflection of their worldwide growth story. Flying to more countries than any other airline, Turkish Airlines’ hundreds of airplanes travel over a million of miles every day. We wanted to make use of this wide network and created an interactive application depicting all of the Turkish Airlines’ airplanes in real time and with exact positions on the world map. We have gathered the data from various channels in a single platform and reflected it on the live interactive screen. The application also enables users to look through all the destinations Turkish Airlines is flying to, and draw routes on the map. It inspires users by giving brief information on destinations and helps them plan their next travel routes.

Describe the creative idea

The main inspiration source for this project was the broad flight network of Turkish Airlines. We know that Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline and we wanted to visualize our live flights for our customers. Turkish Airlines is flying to more than 307 destinations around the world and it is the only airline that flies to more than 300 destinations. Taking this broad flight network as a starting point, we wanted to design an application that shows Turkish Airlines’ live flights real time on an interactive touchscreen.

Describe the strategy

Our goal was further than just depicting flights over an interactive application. When we were designing flight tracker, we have imagined an application that provides detailed information Turkish Airlines’ 307 destinations around the world. This application is also capable of showing en-route airplanes real time while emphasizing on Istanbul as the most central transfer hub. Moreover, it is possible to take a glance at the current offers.

Describe the execution

Turkish Airlines’ flight data is filtered from other airlines’ flight information. This filtered data is visualized real time on a world map. The information about the destinations is transferred from Turkish Airlines’ website. One can track the flights en route, search destinations through the search block and review current offers on the world map. This application is reflected on a 65” touchscreen monitor. The users of this application can interact with the world map by touching the screen. Turkish Airlines Flight Tracker application has 3 main functions which are divided into different tabs. These tabs are Flight Tracking, Destinations and Offers, respectively.. Flight Tracking tab showcases en-route flights of Turkish Airlines real time. Destinations tab showcases all the destinations that Turkish Airlines flies to by considering Istanbul as the starting point. Offers tab showcases the current sale offers from Turkish Airlines’ website.

List the results

Results: • Showing an average of 300 real time flights instantly • An average of 4 hours usage daily • An average of 30 offers published daily • The in-store experience of the customers is enhanced. The customers who are visiting Taksim Sales Office had a chance to interact with Turkish Airlines’ flight activities. • The brand’s flight network is promoted and transferred to the customers directly on an interactive world map. • The users could interact with this application while waiting in the queue in Taksim Sales office. This interactive application is currently set up at Taksim Sales Office, Istanbul. It will soon be installed in other sales offices as well.