2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A10. B2B
Entrant DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Production DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Wale GBADAMOSI-OYEKANMI Dare.Win Founder & CEO Paris - Berlin
Fabienne FIORUCCI Dare.Win Creative Director
Damien FOUI Dare.Win Creative Director
Boris LAVERGNE Dare.Win Art Director
Thomas BROUCHON Dare.Win Copywriter
Daniel ISMAILY Dare.Win Photographer
Manon FARGELAT Dare.Win Communications & PR Manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We invited candidates to play with us on Fortnite - the video game - in order to get interviewed for an internship and this was an experience overall. We also achieved innovation in recruitment, as it enabled the human resources and prospective candidates shift from the traditional recruitment process to a no-budget and way more entertaining delivery approach. Also, the agency's affinity increased as a creative company, using uncommon methods even in recruitment, ultimately proving that we do the same for our clients and talents. So, the Fortnite job interview was a user-based experience and a brand innovation.


The brief was to switch from traditional methods of recruitment in order to create the most entertaining job interview ever. Why? To get as much visibility as possible, and stand out from other agencies in order to attract the best possible creative profiles from all over the world. (And because traditional job interviews are just too boring.) The problem: there was very little time to do so, and a budget of - actually - 0€.

Describe the creative idea

We used the biggest entertainment trend of the year: Fortnite. The free to play online game gathering 125 millions of players all around the world became a new place for interviewing candidates. Using the voice-chat feature of the game, we interviewed participants while playing with them against enemy teams.

Describe the strategy

We were looking for two creative interns, young, ambitious, and pop-culture lovers. This was the main reason we turned to Fortnite as most of its player base fit that description. Also, Fortnite’s rise in popularity in recent times accorded us the idea that integrating this online game into our recruitment process would generate visibility for the campaign. Hence, the results would be the promotion of our recruitment campaign to the eyes of many more profiles than a traditional recruitment campaign would have done. To launch the campaign, all we did was make a key visual and write a few lines explaining the concept, it was then posted on our social media platforms and sent as a small press release with visuals to international media press outside of France.

Describe the execution

To apply, all candidates had to do was add us on Fortnite (via the PlayStation Network) and we scheduled a game with them after reviewing their portfolio. The interviews lasted for the duration of a Fortnite match (10-20 minutes) and we could talk to each other thanks to the in-game voice chat feature. Having a common objective (which was surviving together against other players), totally changed the way we conducted interviews as participants felt freer to speak, less timid and the process became - as we had hoped - much less formal. Candidates who did not play Fortnite or who could not play could still request for a traditional interview by reaching us at IDontPlayFortnite@AgencyName.com. We conducted approximately 50 interviews spread during 4 weeks between August and September.

List the results

This campaign generated massive visibility for the agency and drove a high amount of participation. In one day, the agency got more than 350 account requests on PlayStation and more than 600 after few days. People applied from all over the world, from different nationalities and background (creatives coming from Turkey, Sweden, Mexico, and so on). Approximately 250 candidates reached out through IDontPlayFortnite@AgencyName.com. In total, the agency conducted 50 interviews on Fortnite. In one month, more than 120 international articles talked about this campaign, in more than 7 languages (e.g, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, etc.). Also, one of EPIC GAMES’ directors (Simon Jones), congratulated the creative team for the campaign on Linkedin. Finally, the Fortnite job interview was a no-budget commercial success (any earned media). The agency reached its initial goal by recruiting two awesome interns to help them build more exciting stories like this one.