2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C04. Competitions & Promotional Games
Entrant BBDO Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation BBDO Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Berlin, GERMANY
Production CRAFTWORK Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Additional Company BBDO LIVE Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Wolfgang Schneider BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Mirko Stolz, Tobias Grimm BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Managing Director
Michael Schachtner BBDO Berlin GmbH Executive Creative Director
Daniel Haschtmann, Nicolas Linde BBDO Berlin GmbH Creative Director
Melanie Specht, Felix Boeck BBDO Berlin GmbH Art Director
Samuel Weiß, Marc Bieri, Gunther Osburg BBDO Berlin GmbH Copywriter
Jens Fauth, Barbara Brunner, Wilma Faget, Natalie Volles, Pauline Harich BBDO Berlin GmbH Account Team
Daniela Haake, Kirsten Gehm BBDO Live Account Team
Steffen Gentis BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Production Officer
David Muellenborn CraftWork - a brand of ad agencyservices GmbH Producer
- CraftWork - a brand of ad agencyservices GmbH Post-Production Company
Boy Behnke - Photographer
Gabriel Chwojinik - Composer
- Sprachlabor Audioproduktionen GmbH; Studio Funk GmbH & Co KG Audio Production House
Tim Stephan - Sound Engineer
Michael Haecker - Sound Engineer
Facundo Scalerandi - Director
Felix Marggraff - Director
Jacob Beurle - Director Of Photography
Rene Meixelsberger - Image Engineer
Ulrike Siegfanz, Sebastian Seibert, Heinz Staubitz, Andreas Hampp, Silvia Hoffmann - Camera Operator
Juhn Kim, Christian Esquerre, Daniel Scheurich - Editor
Daniel Borgwart - Editor
Till Markull CraftWork - a brand of ad agencyservices GmbH Animation
- e.w. enture GmbH Technical Partner / Architecture/Design
Anja Zobel e.w. enture GmbH Project Managment Architecture
- MDS PAtec Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH Technical Partner / Light & Sound
Anja Gohkle - Styling
Karsten Cismowski, Jens Schneider - Make-up Artist

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

In the summer of 2017 the urban car manufacturer smart started smart electric drive Carsino – an extensive international social media campaign created around one spectacular final game show event. Supported by international influencers Carsino became the first automotive cam-paign to not only change minds but exchange people’s cars.


As the first high-volume car manufacturer smart electrified their whole car range. But many drivers had doubts about the innovative electric cars. smart wanted to change this negative attitude towards e-mobility and animate customers to get rid of their old cars and switch to a smart electric drive.

Describe the creative idea

Action speaks louder than words. So we decided to go beyond a conventional awareness campaign and let car owners take their first step towards e-mobility. How? With a game of dice: smart electric drive Carsino. The game show where you scrap your car, press it to a dice and then play with it in a giant game of dice against other car drivers in order to win a smart electric drive. Supported by international influencers we created an extensive campaign on social media around the event. From the intial search for candidates over tons of content videos to the online live stream of the final event.

Describe the strategy

Most people feel uncomfortable to adopt something new. No matter it might be better than what they know. They need to see somebody take the first step in order to feel secure and follow. smart electric drive Carsino presents these role models in an entertaining way: car drivers who dare to take the step towards electric mobility. Car drivers who even accept losing their old car for the chance of winning a smart electric drive.

Describe the execution

The campaign took place on social media. We started with the search for candidates who were willing to let go off their old combustor car. A teaser film and application calls from international influencers led to thousands of applicants. The final four then teamed up with the influencers from their country and said good bye to their beloved car. Dozens of content videos were created: introductions, the last trips in the car, the scrapings and many more. Then they were ready for the game show. On the 10th of September in the Bavaria Filmstudios the great live event took place. In front of a live audience our candidates tossed their old cars from a 6 meter high ramp in order to win the smart electric drive. The event was streamed live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. In the end Xavier, our lucky champion from the Netherlands won the smart.

List the results

- more than 1,1 million live-views - over 10 million media impressions - No.1 hashtag on Twitter on the day of the event - all smart electric drive out of stock with a time to delivery of more than 10 month