2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceTHE JANNE WALK
Category C01. Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
Idea Creation PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company ODDSET SVENSKA SPEL Solna, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Petter Träff Perfect Fools Client Lead
Klas Lusth Perfect Fools Creative Director
Daniel Blomberg Perfect Fools Copywriter
Carl Larsson Perfect Fools Art Director / Director
Michael Davinder Perfect Fools Producer
Mirjam Krook Perfect Fools Designer
Julia Robertson Perfect Fools PR
Mattias Mattisson Perfect Fools Designer
Stefan Lagergren Perfect Fools Devloper
Marc Scherlin Perfect Fools Designer
Eva Evesjö Oddset Svenska Spel Marketing Manager
Erika Falk Colony Agency Producer
Erik Hassel Hassel Film Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

The goal with this campaign was to, in alignment with our concept “The more you know, the more you win”, activate all the “Couch coaches” and to bring our initiated customers, as well as the brand Oddset, closer to our national team, closer than all other competition and close enough for our customers to feel apart of the team before the upcoming World Cup.


Oddset is Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious betting company. Owned by the state, they have been around since 1934, and have supported the Swedish national team ever since. However, the betting market in Sweden is very different in 2018 – numerous competitors have shown up, and the market is very much saturated, especially around an event like the World Cup. Therefore, the brief was to break through the clutter and create a campaign that would bring something new to the table and make us stand out, and at the same time tie Oddset closer to the national team. The campaign also needed to stay true to our overarching concept “The more you know, the more you win”. Primary objectives were to increase liking, awareness and preference before the World Cup. By doing this in a first step, the goal in step two was to help reach the high sales goals.

Describe the creative idea

At Oddset we believe that “The more you know, the more you win”, so instead of letting the Swedish fans and all our initiated customers waste their knowledge in front of the TV, we wanted to find a way to turn them all into a 12th player and make use of their knowledge in the real life. We did so by bringing their football knowledge, all the way to the heart of the Swedish national team: the head coach Janne Andersson. We found out that Janne Andersson is walking the 12 kilometers to work every morning. From his home in the Stockholm suburbs to his job at the national arena, Friends Arena. To get our customers knowledge put in front of him, we used digital billboards along his way to work and let the Swedish people, in real time, share their football knowledge with Janne on them through a website.

Describe the strategy

For this campaign, the target audience was broad; swedish people with an interest sports in general, and football in particular. A big challenge with them is the amount of advertising they get exposed to during the world cup. Therefore one part of our strategy was to create something ahead of everyone else. We also wanted to make something that wouldn’t only be seen as traditional advertising in the sense that most sports betting companies advertise, something that would cut through the noise. One of our goals was to raise people's liking and preference of our brand, in order for them to place their bets with us when the cup started. So we aimed to activate all “Couch coaches” out there but also to bring our customers closer to our national team, closer than all other competition and close enough for our customers to feel apart of the team.

Describe the execution

Along Janne’s way to work, we bought all available digital billboards for a week, one week before the release of the final world cup squad, and let the Swedish people fill them with their tips and knowledge, which was updated in real time from a website. To really make sure Janne got the messages, we placed some extras out as well. The billboards could be followed through a live stream. We launched a film explaining the idea and how you and your knowledge could help bring the gold to Sweden. We also started our PR work, which got us onto the Swedish National Television and the biggest newspapers to name a few. During the campaign we created content, with an iconic former head coach, amongst many, giving his advice. At the end of the week, we filmed Janne during one final walk, reacting to as many tips as possible.

List the results

The specific campaign results were: 70% campaign liking (140% goal completion) 56% brand liking (140% goal completion, +107% to before campaign) 42% Top of Mind (120% goal completion, +40% to before campaign) 35% unaided awareness (175% goal completion, +150% to before campaign) 62% aided awareness (155% goal completion, +120% to before campaign) 44% brand preference (227% goal completion, +33% to before campaign start) 480.000 active customers (114% goal completion) 20.000 new registered customers (250% goal completion) 485 million SEK in gross revenue (180% goal completion) Jannes walk reached a range of nearly 20 million impressions in editorial media in and outside Sweden. Obviously, Oddset also deserves most of the credit for the biggest Swedish World Cup success since 1994.