2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category F01. Integrated Campaign led by Brand Experience & Activation
Idea Creation FOLK FINLAND Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 2 LA BOCA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Tommi Laiho Folk Finland CEO, Creative Director
Tuomas Myllymäki Folk Finland Art Director
Pia Dahlman Folk Finland Account Director
Johanna Murtomäki Folk Finland Producer
Susanna Kasurinen Folk Finland Production Artists
Miika Hyvärinen Folk Finland Production Artists
Heimo-Pekka Laakso Folk Finland Copywriter Trainee
Ville Varesvuo Directors Guild Producer
Juha-Matti Nieminen Directors Guild Producer
Teemu Niukkanen Directors Guild Director
Matti Eerikäinen Directors Guild DOP
Mikko Löppönen Directors Guild Editor
Henri Pulla Pullapost Colorist
Timo Anttila Humina Sound Design
Juri Seppä The Seppä Brothers Music
James Post James Post Online
Scott Bendall La Boca Illustrator
Seppo Niemelä Lidl Finland Marketing Manager
Christian Saukkola Lidl Finland Ad Manager
Timo Hansio Lidl Finland Commercial Director
Lauri Sipponen Lidl Finland CEO
Petri Soratie Virta Helsinki Account Lead
Martti Lahtela Virta Helsinki Digital Strategist
Karin Westin Virta Helsinki Digital Planner
Riku Juvonen Virta Helsinki Junior Digital Planner
Enni Rajakangas Virta Helsinki Print/OOH Planner
Annika Hokkanen Virta Helsinki TV/Radio Planner
Pablo Steffa Agent Pekka Agent

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

In the summer of 2018, Lidl took over the whole summer and encouraged Finns to seize the moment and enjoy every second of life. ‘Live like it’s the last day of summer’ campaign was the most followed, watched and liked commercial campaign in 2018 in Finland. Thanks to the campaign, Lidl’s market share grew, and it exceeded all the sales target – and making everything profitably. The campaign is Lidl Finland’s most successful marketing operation in its’ history and the biggest talking point in social media.


Summer is the most important season for grocery chains in Finland. It determines, who is the winner end of the year and the competition is fierce. Lidl is the 3rd biggest player in the market. For Lidl, summer season is vital, and the summer campaign is the biggest campaign of the year in every way. But, unlike other chains, Lidl doesn’t base their summer campaigning on offers, but on branded content. The goal was to take over the whole summer and increase sales profitably – not by lowering prices.

Describe the creative idea

As a nation, we Finns are a bit bipolar: during winter, we tend to be gloomy, but in summer we try to enjoy every day to the fullest. In a way, summer is a metaphor for life – you have to live right there and then, because tomorrow it could be too late. That’s why Lidl encourages Finns to live like it’s the last day of summer. The concept came to life through a personal Finnish family, and particularly their son, Lidl Stingy.

Describe the strategy

The target group for grocery chains in Finland is typically 24–45 yo women who play a key role when doing everyday household decisions. But, truth be told, the real target group is everyone in Finland. Only 1/4 of Finns are committed to a particular chain, so the competition of customers is fierce every single day. It's a common belief that price is the most important factor in decision making when it comes to groceries. But that applies only in 20 % of the consumers. So the campaign didn't feature any offers, not a single one. Meat suppliers and other grocery chains in Finland are all campaigning under the same theme: THE GRILLING SEASON IS HERE. Lidl doesn’t want to settle for this self-evidence, they want to take over the whole summer. The concept provides Lidl an optimal platform to create content that inspires and engages consumers the whole summer.

Describe the execution

The multimedia campaign was seen in all relevant digital and social media channels – own and paid – in TV, radio, print, outdoor and POS. The media selection was wide because Lidl needed to be in everyone's lips. The launch of the campaign happened with a single print ad in Finland's biggest newspaper on 1st of May (= Finnish Labor Day). The campaign continued in stores and in TV with five different spots. Radio, digital and social media were used to secure ongoing visibility effectively. In order to inspire Finns to live like it’s the last day of summer the whole summer, we composed a song ‘Summer is Crazy’ that people could listen while doing all sorts of summery things – grilling, sun bathing, chilling, swimming etc. The song was performed by no-one else than Lidl Stingy, who "set-up" his own vlog for summer on Youtube.

List the results

During the active campaign time (May–June 2018): - Sales grew almost 10 % on average (approx. 70M euros) - Lidl's market share grew by 0,33 % - 81 % of Finns remembered the campaign - Buying interest grew and was 61 % In addition to all commercial results: - 'Summer is Crazy' was #1 on Spotify's viral list two weeks in a row - The music video has been watched over 2,1M times in Youtube - Over 20 000 videos on TikTok (formerly Musical.ly) - Hundreds of thousands views of the campaign spots on Youtube - Over 1,5 views for Lidl Stingy's vlog posts - Lidl's FB & IG posts received tens of thousands comments and likes