2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category B01. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Idea Creation WUNDERMAN Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Pieter Staes Wunderman Antwerp Creative Director
Manuel Ostyn Wunderman Antwerp Creative Director
Wout Geysen Wunderman ANtwerp Creative
Tijs Dejonckheere Wunderman Antwerp Creative
Seppe Dogge Wunderman Antwerp Account Manager
Sander Van de Wiele Wunderman Antwerp Account Manager
Sebastien Greffe Wunderman Antwerp Design Director
Nathalie Wlostowski Wunderman Antwerp Designer
Anja Van den Broeck Wunderman Antwerp DTP
Jan-Bart Debruyne Wunderman Antwerp DTP
Chloé Van Elsen Wunderman Antwerp Social Media Strategist
Caroline Van Ranst Wunderman Antwerp Producer
Jan Boon Static Films Director
Hans Desmet Static Films Editor
Menno Van Riet Wunderman Antwerp Sound Engineer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

For a non-profit as Child Focus it is very important to creatively use all channels they can to remind everyone to keep sharing missing children’s posts. It’s when Child Focus suddenly pops up in your daily life that they get their message and image across the most impactful So, by using an iconic packaging that you’ll find in almost every Belgian household, Child Focus could intervene in 250,000 households in a very personal and accessible way. Making this sensible subject very open to talk about with the entire family and the rest of Belgium.


In almost every kitchen cupboard in Belgium you’ll find the same familiar face. That of a little boy printed on a packet of Cassonade Graeffe sugar. The child on the packaging became a real icon because it has been on the Cassonade packaging for the last 65 years. It’s so iconic that Belgians don’t even know it as Cassonade Graeffe but call it “Kindjessuiker” or “Little kid sugar”.

Describe the creative idea

For their 20th anniversary, Child Focus, the Belgian centre for missing children, teamed up with the sugar brand Tiense Suiker and launched this limited edition of the Cassonade packaging. Nation wide the entire in shelf stock was changed and 250,000 new packets were introduced in every store all over Belgium. But this time the little boy was missing, leaving nothing but an empty chair.

Describe the strategy

As a non-profit, Child Focus, the Belgian centre for missing children, is always looking for ideas that are picked up by social media and press. Therefor they have to find new ways to get their messages across. The most valuable campaigns are those that intervene in people’s lives and touch them in a personal way. This idea was able to get the message: “keep sharing missing children’s posts on Facebook and never give up hope.” straight to the breakfast table in thousands of Belgian households.

Describe the execution

250,000 childless packets were first secretly introduced in stores all over Belgium without any campaign. This immediately caused a lot of surprised reactions on social media. A week later we sent special direct mails to the press and launched the campaign on social media with a video. At first, the video looked like a typical sugar commercial but then, instead of an actor, it starred Edouard, a young man who had once been missing himself. The story was picked up by all major newspapers, TV and radio stations. This resulted in renewed attention for all missing children and spread one message across households all over Belgium: Never give up hope.

List the results

The campaign caught the desired attention on social media and all major media channels. This brought the message back on the table resulting in an increase of missing children posts on Facebook and an increase of Facebook followers. And in the end, that’s the most valuable result: having more eyes on the lookout for missing children. 24 million media impressions €503.000 earned media +68% share rate of missing children posts +9% social reach +8% Facebook followers