2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C07. Customer Acquisition & Retention
Entrant MOMENTUM Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Idea Creation MOMENTUM Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Media Placement ZENITH Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production B-REEL Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 CREUNA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Markus Näslund Momentum Sverige Creative Director
Anders Collin Momentum Sverige CEO
Annsofie Antoncic Momentum Sverige Art Director
Daniel Wallin Momentum Sverige Copywriter
Stina Moberg Momentum Sverige Final Art
Jeanette Åberg Momentum Sverige Account manager
Rikard Åström B-Reel Films Executive producer
Sofia Ferguson B-Reel Films Producer
Martina Hoogland Ivanow Freelance Visual artist, director
Lukas Eisenhauer Freelance Director of photography
Adam Nilsson Freelance Director of photography

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

The birth of a child is a very intimate experience. During this time in our target audience lives, we took a calculated risk and created an intimate brand experience. We got new parents to engage with us by welcoming their newborns in the parent’s Instagram feed. By doing so, we got our message across while getting the parent’s own images, that we later used within the campaign. We also got invited to document real births that became the campaign film. Without the parents' participation, this campaign wouldn't have been possible, and Libero’s best branding campaign ever wouldn't have been born.


Despite competition from a global giant with about 5 times the Share of spend, Libero is the market leader with 61% of the total market volume and 68% of the Small diaper segment. This has been achieved by, despite the leadership position, Libero acting as a challenger with two main focuses: creating an emotional connection with the target audience and reaching them before the child is born, which is the key to make them loyal all through the diaper years. But as the competitor pushed media spending, lowered prices and ran big campaigns for their smaller diapers, Libero’s volume trend in the segment was –5.4%*. The challenge was to reverse the trend by finding new ways to reach the parents and strengthening Libero's position as the most liked brand. *Nielsen

Describe the creative idea

The birth of a child is a powerful experience, and we wanted to portray those moments just as they are. Messy, weird, awesome and bloody. Not picture perfect, but damn beautiful! So, instead of creating a classic advertising film, we chose a documentary approach. Instead of a traditional voice over, we wrote a poem. Instead of creating regular social media posts, we welcomed babies in their parents’ Instagram feeds. Instead of staged ad photos, we used the parents’ own pictures.

Describe the strategy

By using what we already knew about millennials, as well as looking into their digital behaviour, we put down a few strategic pointers. They despised norms, loved freedom and attention almost as much as they hated “fake” brands. Little of that changed, as they became parents. That insight fitted perfectly with Libero´s progressive platform Free to be. In which the brand takes a stand for children’s right to be whoever they want to be. Alongside the fact that Sweden is one of the more progressive countries in the world, we had our strategy. We had to be seen as real, authentic and at the same time give our target group attention! On that basis, we decided to do the opposite of other brands – we would show the beauty of real births. And give new parents attention on their social media posts, rather than writing our own.

Describe the execution

• Implementation: We scanned social media for newborn babies – so that we could: a) Welcome newborns and congratulate their parents on Instagram, directly after birth. b) Get access to parents’ own photos to use for our campaign c) Engage parents that were waiting to give birth – to let our documentary film team be part of their experience. • Timeline: The campaign aired October 9, 2017, on all touchpoints and continued to December 24, 2017. • Placement: The strategy was to work in bought media but to create extra traction and attention with a culturally striking idea. We used Instagram for the welcoming activation. Banners, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Play TV for the film. And print in parenting magazines. • Scale: We had a broad digital campaign, with sufficient pressure to reach our target group. We used all relevant bought channels but with focus on social channels.

List the results

Target: • Brand interest: +50%* • Feeling for the brand: +50%* • Purchase intent: +50%* • Volume trend Small diapers: From -5,4% to +0,5%** * Ipsos TV Norms ** Nielsen Results: • Brand interest: +101% vs target • Feeling for the brand: +43% vs target • Purchase intent: +93% vs target • Volume trend Small diapers: From -5,4% to +4,4% Sales • +3% in the Small diaper segment (A remarkable result considering Libero has 68% of the segment in a mature market) Impressions • Gross reach: 36 456 372 million impressions • Social media unique reach: 2 million views Conclusion By getting the target group to interact and engage with us, and by showing births as they really are, we manage to create Libero’s best campaigns ever from a branding point of view.