2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category D01. Touchpoint Technology & Tech-led Brand Experience
Idea Creation CHEIL GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Production 2 AD-MODUM Emsdetten, GERMANY
Production 3 MARKENFILM Wedel, GERMANY
Production 4 REDHOOD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production 5 MINORITY Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Additional Company RABBIT WALKS Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Additional Company 2 DAAMDAAMSAMUSO Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Name Company Position
Roland Rudolf Cheil Germany Chief Creative Officer
Annika D'Ambrogio Cheil Germany Senior Copywriter
Sonja Fritsch Cheil Germany Senior Art Director
Boris Banozic Cheil Germany MDLab Executive Creative Director
Jonghee Yoo Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Jong Hyeon Lee Cheil Worldwide Business Lead
Youngsu Lee Cheil Worldwide Account Manager
Jaewon Kim Cheil Worldwide Account Manager
Jan Schwiersch Cheil Germany Creative Director
Jaewook Nam Cheil Worldwide Creative Director
Seongkeun Yoo Cheil Worldwide Creative Director
Wonjun Jang Cheil Worldwide Copywriter
Seongyong Kim Cheil Worldwide Copywriter
Mahmoud Hakim Cheil Germany MDLab Design Director
Abdullah Yoosufali Nalakath Cheil Germany MDLab Designer
Soojin Oh Cheil Worldwide Art Director
Jihyun Song Cheil Worldwide Art Director
Vladimir Moldovanu Cheil Germany MDLab Senior Designers
Dominik Buhr Cheil Germany MDLab Senior Designers
Joshua Jordy Ulitzsch Cheil Germany Junior Motion Designer
Moritz Gillrath Cheil Germany Head of Content Production
Jaeik Choi Cheil Worldwide Space Designer
Changwan Choi Cheil Worldwide Space Designer
Jeehea Kim Cheil Worldwide Space Designer
Hyejin Kim Cheil Worldwide Space Designer
Jongwook An Cheil Worldwide Project Leader
Chelhong Kim Cheil Worldwide Project Leader
Chinho Chang Cheil Germany Production
Taehyung Kim Cheil Germany Production

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

“Inspired by You” was a brand world that uses innovative technology to connect with people in a very personal way and engage them. On the first hand to become a part of the experience, on the second hand to create the experience themselves. To point out the people’s importance to connectivity, 25% of the exhibition space were dedicated to them.


Connectivity was the trending topic at IFA 2017, the most important fair for consumer electronics. While most of the companies only staged the connection of products, Samsung put the connection of products and people in the heart of its brand world. The multimedia live installation made visitors the central part of the experience. Everybody was individually welcomed and engaged with the brand more personal than with any other brand before.

Describe the creative idea

At IFA 2017, the visitors were welcomed by a live multimedia installation. Without a single touch, they took pictures at digital kiosks which animated their portraits across the biggest curved screen at the IFA: The digital faces were created from the shapes of the product portfolio into a stream of particles. This way, Samsung thanked the visitors to be the inspirational source of their innovations. The spatial gesture of the curved screen literally pulled the visitors into the visionary world of products. Here, interactive zones made the products come alive.

Describe the strategy

TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience were all visitors of IFA 2017, Europe’s largest sourcing and supply chain event for the consumer electronics and home appliances industry. In total, 253,000 people visited the IFA during six days – including industry professionals and the general public. By sharing their experiences on social media platforms, the visitors themselves increased the reach further. CALL TO ACTION The brand message, “Inspired by You” was the key message of the exhibition at IFA. The curved screen was the main medium for this brand manifesto. The brand message celebrated the people as source of inspiration and invited them to enter the exhibition space behind the multimedia installation. APPROACH Our approach was to make people experience innovative technology in an intuitive way. Visitors were surprised how easy they could interact and become a part of the brand world.

Describe the execution

DIGITAL KIOSKS The kiosks provided an intuitive user experience which shows how technology can enrich our lives. The especially designed terminals were equipped with a 46-inch display and an LED circle on top. After the kiosk welcomed the visitors, it took their portrait that was then animated. PARTICLE ANIMATION Visitors’ portraits were instantly transformed into shapes of the Samsung portfolio. The dynamic particle animation made people experience the diversity of products und made them a part of the brand world. From the digital kiosks, the animation was sent to the curved screen in real-time. THE CURVED SCREEN 27 HD projectors were pointed to the 550 square meters curved screen and created an ultra-high, 14K resolution. An especially designed frame construction was invisible from the outside and left no folds on the foil surface. The curved screen itself was a suspended rear projection screen.

List the results

8 hours a day and 7 days in a row, “Inspired by You” counted 190.000 visitors in total, which are 10.000 more than in 2016. With a rate of 825 to 97% of all visitors, the digital kiosks recorded high participation. More than 14.000 interactions generated new impulses in social media which spread it all over the word.