2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A01. Food & Drink
Entrant DDB Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation DDB Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Idea Creation 2 TRIBAL Amstelveen, THE NETHERLANDS
Media Placement MINDSHARE Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Joris Kuijpers DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Executive Creative Director
Ed van Bennekom DDB & Tribal Amsterdam CD, concept
Jasper Diks DDB & Tribal Amsterdam CD, concept
Leo van Oss DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Art Director
Nick Maas DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Copywriter
Bas Muller DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Digital Director
Jorik Houweling DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Senior Strategist
Milo van der Weij DDB & Tribal Amsterdam Business Director
Doogle Producties BV Doogle Producties BV Production Company
JCDecaux JCDecaux Out of Home Company
Robot Kittens Robot Kittens Technical Company
Talpa media solutions Talpa media solutions Influencers
Mindshare Mindshare Media agency
Karlijn Ris Unox Marketing Director
Alewijn Brouwer Unox Marketing Manager Snacking

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

For this activation we did something no other brand had done: we replaced photographed models with random passers-by in our digital billboards. We challenged young Millennials to take part in our mobile studio and pose for our campaign, holding a cup of Unox Good Noodles for as long as they could, proving the proposition that Good Noodles keeps you going. Meanwhile, they were being live-streamed to connected billboards all over the country. This helped them win Good Noodles for life, and helped us prove our proposition to the rest of the Netherlands: that Good Noodles really keeps you going.


Unox Good Noodles is a Dutch instant noodles brand. While it led the market for years, new and innovative products have entered the market, eating away at Unox’s market share. But even with these newcomers on the shelves, there was little fun and excitement in this category. How could we bring more fun and excitement back into the category and be the #1 choice for young Millennials looking for an energy fix? Studies showed that this group experienced significant stress. The pressure to perform was tiring them, and so grew the importance of doing things that make them feel good. This is what we, as a brand, want to inspire. Fuel the activities that make them happy, however dubious they might seem to others. We would celebrate their dubious achievements.

Describe the creative idea

Instead of just telling the Netherlands that Good Noodles really keeps you going, we invited Dutch Gen Zers and young Millennials to prove it. We introduced Good Noodles Keeps you going live. We challenged people to pose in our billboards while holding a cup of Good Noodles. Like a classic billboard model, except this time they weren’t photographed, but live-streamed. Whoever held out the longest won Good Noodles for life. We built an installation that live-streamed the challenge to digital out-of-home screens across the Netherlands. To kick it off, we invited popular Dutch YouTube stars Gierige Gasten, Sophie, and Gio. They battled it out to set the high score and challenged their audience to beat it. The rest of the Netherlands soon followed. Good Noodles used digital billboards in a whole new way to prove their proposition: it keeps you going.

Describe the strategy

There was a clear lack of excitement in the category. And while the younger generation (18-24) love their entertainment, no brand in the category was catering to them. When we looked deeper into their behaviours – beyond the ubiquitous Gen Z reports – we discovered that in the Netherlands, this audience was growing tired of the pressure put upon them by their parents and society. A shocking 76% of 18- to 25-year-olds experienced stress. And yet, they do not want to prematurely limit their freedom to explore and have fun – untethered from external opinions. We called them the dubious go-getters. In a society that keeps raising the pressure, challenging people to go bigger and bigger, we wanted to fuel the activities some might consider dubious. And to prove this with maximum impact, we created the most dubious achievement of all.

Describe the execution

We called all ‘models’ on Snapchat, Instagram, entertainment network Talpa, and YouTube stars Gierige Gasten, Sophie and Gio showed off their dubious skills to kick it off. From there, our installation moved from city to city and live-streamed the challenge to specially connected digital out-of-home screens in the most popular student cities in the Netherlands. The challenge took place at the heart of the back to school period; cities bustling with hungry students looking for some new distractions. A tight collaboration between the production agency and out-of-home distributor was needed to live-stream the challenge to more than 20,000 viewers. Highlights from the challenge featured in digital out-of-home, on Snapchat, mobile GIFs, and online video.

List the results

After the campaign our brand awareness rose by 40%. In total, the campaign generated more than 30 million impressions and proved that Good Noodles is your partner in crime if you need a quick boost to keep you going. A combined total of more than 35,000 likes on all the influencer content showed that we struck a chord with young Millennials. We showed that having fun, no matter how dubiously, is the best remedy against stress.