2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceBMW X3
Category A05. Automotive
Name Company Position
Miro Antic M2Communications Creative Director
Milena Banovic M2Communications Director
Sanja Cosic M2Communications Copywritter
Zeljko Antovic M2Communications Designer
Darko Pantelic M2Communications Production Manager
Slobodan Stefanovic M2Communications Technical Director
Danijel Girizd - Director of photography

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

"eXpedition to Mars" is a futuristic and unique conceptual project which has gathered over 600 prominent quests in the biggest convention center in Serbia, the BelExpo. Luxury vehicle fans and media representatives received the opportunity to experience and explore the Red Planet, as well as the newest BMW X3 model. A multidimensional event of this proportions created a significant interaction between the audience and the brand, resulting the immerse experience for everyone present.


Our objective was to create an unexpected experience for all members of the expedition, to become „the talk of the town“ event and to launch the brand new BMW X3 – a model ready to overpower every road obstacle, regardless if it is the surface of Planet Earth or Planet Mars. Our mission was to lead around 600 members on the expedition of exploring the Red planet and to become a part of something that is beyond the everyday reach.

Describe the creative idea

„eXpedition to Mars“ represented an idea of offering the humanity, in this case – the guests, the technology and the possibility to experience and explore the Planet Mars, and to feel something that is beyond the everyday reach. Combined with the superior BMW technology and design, the „space travellers” had the chance to go through the cosmic voyage, from Planet Earth to the south hemisphere of the Red Planet. Before the event, the most unusual invitations - special glass tubes with a sand sample from the Red Planed, were sent to all guests, insinuating what is to be expected on the following expedition. The starting point was to launch the new X3 model and present it as a powerful vehicle with a single brief - "On the Mission", so we came with an idea that that mission should be Mission to Mars.

Describe the strategy

The futuristic expedition with more than 600 members took place at Belgrade’s biggest convention center, BelExpo. Many VIP guests, business and media representatives, as well as many true space and BMW fans, became a part of a breath-taking event. Our goal: To create something unexpected and immersive in order to launch the new BMW X3, as well as to create a multidimensional environment and engagement for everyone on the mission.

Describe the execution

The entire process of making a BelExpo center interior resembling the Red Planet gathered more than 100 professionals from various creative and production fields – agencies, media, artists, freelancers, programmers, directors, associates, and many others. The most admirable key resource invested in the implementation of this extremely demanding project was over 20 thousands working hours in creating a memorable brand experience. Innovation: - Event ambience inspired by the surface of Mars - Remarkable LED screen video animations, sound & special effects - 8K projection on curved screen 37x5m - Space stewardesses in suits leading the guests on a space trip, through unique tunnel inspired by true spaceship interior - Memorable giveaway presents – “Space Rocks from your Mission to Mars” made of the most refine chocolate

List the results

The event was ranked as unconventional and spectacular by everyone who had the chance to be a part of it. It was a kind of imaginary conquest of Mars and excellent example of the rejection of stereotypes in the communication approach in the automotive industry. Results: - More than 600 guests shared their experience via social networks, reporting about the event of the season - Over 30 media representatives joined the “Expedition to Mars” event - The total PR value in TV, print and web media reached the sum of around 150.000EUR - The interest in BMW test drives increased several times, combined to regular months