2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C01. Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
Name Company Position
Frederic Campodonico BeTV Directeur Commercial 
Stéphanie Charguerot BeTV Product Manager
Caroline Kassis BeTV Communication Manager
Karen Corrigan Happiness / an FCB alliance Executive Creative Management
Geoffrey Hantson Happiness / an FCB alliance Chief Creative Officer
Philippe Fass Happiness / an FCB alliance Creative Director
Pieter Claeys Happiness / an FCB alliance Concept Provider
Roxane Schneider Happiness / an FCB alliance Concept Provider
Barbara Dzikanowice Happiness / an FCB alliance Concept Provider
Katrien Bottez Happiness / an FCB alliance Senior Creative Coach
Pascal Kemajou Happiness / an FCB alliance Group Account Director
Camille Martin-Schmets Happiness / an FCB alliance Account Executive
Isabelle Koelman Happiness / an FCB alliance Strategic Director
Lisa Gadeyne Happiness / an FCB alliance DOP
Sumi Acros Mina Happiness / an FCB alliance DOP
Sophie Gunsbourg Happiness / an FCB alliance Agency Producer
Kassandra Donia Happiness / an FCB alliance DTP
Alexandra Carosielli Happiness / an FCB alliance DTP
Remke Faber Happiness / an FCB alliance Head of Motion

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Promoting a highly controversial show in a highly controversial guerilla way, doesn’t happen that often that people could experience how the show ‘feels’ in the way it’s advertised.


BeTv is a Belgian Broadcaster. They bring the best series, films and documentaries from all over the world, mostly as the first one to air in Belgium. Brief: BeTv wanted to air the new controversial Sacha Baron Cohen show ‘who is America’. Political Satire Prank Television about the real face of America. The brief was crystal clear: Come up with a stunt to promote the show that is as controversial as the show itself.

Describe the creative idea

To launch the show in Belgium broadcaster BeTv made an out of home installation as controversial as the show itself: overnight, without informing the owners, real walls were built in front of three Mexican restaurants. Mimicking US President Trump’s promise to buid a wall on the US-Mexican border. On those walls we’ve put the globally used poster that announces the show.

Describe the strategy

Target audience was obviously all BeTv and all Sacha Baron Cohen fans. Instead of flatly announcing the show, we decided to create a stunt as controversial as the stunt itself. We invited journalist to show up in the early morning at 3 addresses (the Mexican restaurants), without informing them why, only that it has something to do with the launch of ‘Who is America’. We also filmed the building of the walls to be able to spread the guerilla stunt in social, as we assumed that we would have to take downs the wall quite fast.

Describe the execution

At 4am, at 3 different addresses of 3 different Mexican restaurant we started building a wall in front of the restaurant. At the same time. Without informing the owners. Once build we put up the official and global ‘Who is America’ announcement poster. In the morning they discovered. We filmed the whole stunt and started sharing it via social by midday, day after. We also invited journalists to come and have a look at the whole to make sure they join the conversation.

List the results

None of the owners of the restaurants were informed ahead of time about the stunt, though none complained. On the contrary, they all had a lot of sympathy for the idea. That may be because BeTV likely didn’t make them pay for the wall of course ;-).